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Airline ski fees: winter sports equipment charges revealed

Check the cost of taking your skis or snowboard on your flight to the slopes with our handy guide to each airline's charges.

Heading to the slopes this winter? Taking your skis or your snowboard with you?

If you’re a winter sport enthusiast, you know the drill for taking your ski equipment. Pack appropriately and possibly pay fees to get your equipment from A to B. Thankfully, we’ve made the research process a little less painful and came up with the major airlines’ fees for taking your skis and snowboards with you on holiday. Some airlines allow you to bring your equipment as part of your baggage allowance and others simply charge a separate fee.

Check the cost of taking your skis or snowboard on your flight with our handy guide to each airline’s charges. – hopefully we’ll save you some cash for those après-ski Jägerbombs.

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Aer Lingus£25* ▼

On shorthaul flights within Ireland, UK, and Europe, it’s £25 for skiing and snowboarding flights. Aer Lingus doesn’t charge for your equipment on flights from Ireland to North America, but if you exceed their 20 kg allowance, a £65 excess baggage fee applies.

Air Francefree or from €55 ▼

Customers wishing to transport ski or snowboarding equipment will be pleased to know that it’s part of the allowance. If you exceed the weight allowance, a fee of €55 excess fee may apply.

British Airwaysfree or up to £140 ▼

Skis are considered part of the (2) baggage allowance and should be in a bag under 190 centimeters or 75 inches. If you exceed the weight and need an additional bag, you can expect to pay between £20-£140. The fee differs based on UK Domestic, UK to Europe, and UK to the World. To save money, book the extra bag online before getting to the airport. By doing so, you can expect to save £6-£20 per bag.

Flybe£30 ▼

Skiing equipment can only be booked at the airport or contact centre and will cost £30 each way.

EasyJetup to £35 ▼

£27 per item per one way flight is purchased online and £35 per item per one way flight if purchased at the airport.

Jet2£25 ▼.com

On scheduled flights, skis and snowboards are subject to a £25 fee and may not exceed 20kg in weight.

Lufthansa▼up to €100

Lufthansa includes skiing and snowboarding equipment in baggage allowance, except to the US, Canada, and Central America. If you exceed the free baggage allowance (23kg), you may be charged €50 (for Continental Europe flights) and €100 (for inter-continental flights) respectively.

Ryanairup to £60 ▼

A fee of £50 each way applies for skiing and snowboarding equipment booked on their website. When paying the fee at the airport, a fee of £60 will be charged to transport your skiing and snowboarding equipment. Bear in mind, it must not exceed 20kg for each item.

*Prices valid as of 03 Oct 2013. For additional information, please see the airline website for full details regarding sizing and fees.