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Aer Lingus to increase baggage fees

Aer Lingus to increase baggage fees

Aer Lingus is the latest carrier to announce changes to its baggage policy.

From Thursday (May 8th) the airline will charge passengers for checking luggage on short-haul flights.

The fee for checking luggage at airports will rise from €12 (£8) to €18 and online baggage check-in will increase from €9 to €12.

Enda Corneille, director of corporate affairs at Aer Lingus, said: "We want to encourage more of our passengers to carry hand baggage and also to travel with less baggage so the travelling experience can become even quicker and more efficient for everyone."

She added that by reducing checked bags, the airline can in turn reduce its handling costs and continue to "offer our customers lower fares with a quality service".

In a similar move last week, Ryanair announced that it would increase luggage check-in fees from €9 to €10, while also upping the fee for checking in at the airport, as opposed to online, from €4 to €5.

The airline’s head of communications Peter Sherrard explained that the fee increases are to encourage more passengers to check-in online and only pack hand luggage for short-haul flights.