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7 best cities to visit in autumn

Autumn colours + city break = seven pretty cities perfect for a late great autumn getaway, from Bruges to New York.

Summer is like, totally over. But autumn ain’t bad; in fact, it’s a brilliant time to take a cheeky city break. Get inspired with our collection of the prettiest and best cities to visit in autumn.

1. New York

Of course, you don’t need an excuse to visit New York, but if you’re going to bring to the Big Apple, autumn is a great time to do so. Take a stroll through Central Park among yellow leaves, lakes and lonely paths between skyscrapers and dream of owning a pad overlooking the park. Maybe one day!

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Central Park, New York

2. Rome

Although it is a little bit of a cliché, autumn brings out the best side of the Italian capital. The golden light which floats over the rooftops of Rome surrounds the city with a magic cloak. In October the breathless colours of the sunsets over the city’s iconic mouments makes an unforgettable scene.

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3. Bruges

Even if it’s not cold enough for a valid excuse to spend your time indoors drinking hot chocolate, autumn is a lovely time to visit pretty, historic Bruges, A wander around Bruges is a walk through time, through quaint streets, beside quiet canals, along Medieval walls and under the towers of Gothic churches rising into the clear autumn sky.

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4. Montréal

An autumnal list could not miss Canada, a country famously rich in autumn colour. Montréal is Canada’s culture capital, where the maple leaves are backed by skyscrapers. Climb Mount Royal in Mount Royal Park for the best view of the city in all it’s autumn glory.

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5. Budapest

In Budapest you can take in the colours of autumn, while drinking beer. The habits of summer are hard to kick in Budapest, so you can quaff fine lager in the sun in one the city’s massive beer gardens.

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6. Dresden

Dresden might not be up there with Paris and Rome for most popular city break destination, but it’s a magnificent cultural and artistic city, deserving of the name ‘Florence on the Elbe’. The ancient capital of the kingdom of Saxony was almost completely destroyed during World War II but is one of the most impressive cities in Germany.

7. Stockholm

Stockholm is a city built on the water and a third of its area covered by parks and gardens, and so with such scenic splendour it could not miss our selection of charming cities in autumn. Take a walk beside the Baltic Sea, and a stroll in Skansen park to enjoy the view of the skyline after a shopping session in Södermalm.

This is adapted fron the orginal article on Skyscanner Italy by Sara Izzi.