News 6 summer steals: exotic getaways from Qatar Airways

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6 summer steals: exotic getaways from Qatar Airways

6 summer steals: exotic getaways from Qatar Airways

Looking for some exotic sun and sand? Qatar Airways offers 6 super deals for the summer.


Scattered across the equator in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the gem-like islands of Maldives depict the rare vision of a tropical paradise.

The palm fringed islands with sparkling white beaches, turquoise lagoons, clear warm waters and coral reefs continue to fascinate visitors with some of the most breathtaking views of underwater life in the world. [Manchester to Maldives from £605.]( EMGB0223302104000000000269)


Goa features the perfect blend of exotic beaches, amazing cuisine, good-natured people, a great social scene, and many cultural attractions. [Manchester to Goa from £457.]( EMGB0223302104000000000269)


Seychelles is an island paradise comprised of 115 islands scattered over 1 million square kilometres, offering immaculate white-sand beaches, lush, tropical forests and spectacular diving spots. [London to Seychelles from £604.]( EMGB0223302104000000000269)


Bangkok will welcome you with gleaming skyscrapers as well as historical temples and luxury hotels. Visit the floating markets, ride the famous tuk-tuks, explore some of the city’s nightlife, experience the excitement of a Muay Thai boxing match or go bargain shopping. [London to Bangkok from £475.]( EMGB0223302104000000000269)


Colombo is the exciting hub of the enchanting island of Sri Lanka. Enjoy seafood on Mt Lavinia beach, go for a dip in the indigo-blue sea, sample the nightlife or even visit an elephant orphanage. [London to Colombo from £471.]( EMGB0223302104000000000269)


The allure of the mystical desert, great beaches, fantastic shopping and a chance to sample Arabic cuisine while enjoying modern

Western-style amenities, are all part of the irresistible appeal of Dubai. [Manchester to Dubai from £315.]( EMGB0223302104000000000269)

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