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6 Secret Supper Clubs: the world of underground eateries

6 Secret Supper Clubs: the world of underground eateries

The exciting and clandestine world of Secret Supper Clubs


Once upon a time, we saw a restaurant we liked, booked a table and turned up to eat.

But now, there’s a new way to sate your hunger, get an authentic eating experience, and meet the locals at the same time; welcome to the world of the Secret Supper club.

So how do these pop-up restaurants work?

First, you’ll need to find one; that’s where this list comes in handy. Then, you’ll need to book a table, at which point the exact location is revealed.

Then just turn up with your own wine, eat, drink, be merry, and then pay a ‘donation’ at the end of your meal.

Kitchen Porter’s, Edinburgh, UK

Run by husband and wife team, one half of which is Skyscanner’s very own PR Manager Mary Porter, this pop-up restaurant has been deemed one of the best eating experiences in Edinburgh. Husband Mark is a professional chef with years of culinary experience, and Kitchen Porter’s offers up to 14 guests a chance to dine on exceptional dishes in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Held monthly, the nights sell out almost instantly, so be sure to sign up to the Kitchen Porter’s mailing list ( and follow them on Twitter if you want a taste of this exclusive evening! Find flights to Edinburgh

The Hidden Kitchen
, Paris, France

This private dining supper club in Paris offers high end food and wine for 16 diners. Started by American couple Laura and Braden who worked for Theo Chocolate in Seattle and Tom Douglas at the Dahlia Lounge; both have extensive kitchen experience.

Located close to the Louvre and offering a stunning ten course tasting menu using local, fresh ingredients, the menu is more like that of a Michelin restaurant only in someone’s living room. Find flights to Paris

East London Secret Supper Club, London, UK

In an East London flat this supper club is the brain child of Spanish born Simon Fernandez and Vietnamese, Uyen Luu. The pair met when Simon gate-crashed Uyen’s dinner party and they went on to form their own secret supper club. The menu varies with themed nights such as ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘Morning Glory’. They also offer personal menus for private parties. This supper club has fantastic reviews and is seen as one of London’s stand out dining experiences. You can even take a cookery class there is you want to improve your skills. Find flights to London

Ted and Amy Supper Club, New York, USA

Started by Kara Masi in her Brooklyn apartment, the name is a homage to two local cooks Ted Allen and Amy Sedaris. The club hosts several dinners a month for between 10 and 14 diners, some of whom are often invited chefs and food bloggers, making for interesting foodie chat. This supper club loves to encourage all its guests to cook more at home by showing how easy it can be to prepare a delicious and fresh meal in no time. Find flights to New York

The Shy Chef
, Berlin, Germany

There is no exact location for The Shy Chef supper club as they like to change the atmosphere by choosing different Berlin flats to make the evenings more interesting.

You are guaranteed an intimate setting of a beautiful living room, and a genuine Berlin experience. They call this a ‘guerrilla dining event in the home of a local Berliner’. The chef has an enormous curiosity for food and an intense love of art and culture. He started with a humble one-ring hot plate in London before moving to super cool Berlin. Book a table if you love inventive, delicious food and wine and get ready to meet new people in the famous, bohemian district of Kreuzberg – a colourful, multi-cultural, vibrant part of the city. Find flights to Berlin

Bite Club, Sydney, Australia

Started by Debra, an interior decorator with a great house and love of entertaining, and David who used to be a chef in New York, together use their talents for good, not evil, and so Bite Club was born – Sydney’s newest underground dining experience. Their quirky rambling Woollahra mansion is a mix of Alice in Wonderland meets The Addams Family while the food is famed to be out of this world. Every diner is catered for whether veggie, carnivore or other and you can anticipate a night of fun, frolics and new friends. Find flights to Sydney