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6 money saving tips for clubbing holidays

Party hard and make your holiday spends go further on your next getaway.

Want to party in the sun without spending a packet?

Dancing ‘til dawn and partying the night away in the some of the world’s best nightclubs need not cost the earth. Whilst paying to see world-class DJs perform to international crowds may cost more than a Friday night down the local disco, have a look at these money saving tips; you might just be surprised at how affordable a fortnight of fun could be!

1. Set up flight price alerts

Before you even board that plane (laden with plenty of duty free – see tip 4) think about getting the best price for your flight when planning your trip. According to Skyscanner’s Best Time to Book tool, you should sort flights to Ibiza, one of the world’s party hotspots, three weeks in advance, whilst travel to Mallorca, another well-known clubbing destination, should be arranged four weeks in advance, in order to bag the cheapest flight prices. If you have a couple of destinations in mind, like iconic Ibiza or up-and-coming Croatia, use Skyscanner to search for potential flights and set up a price alert. This way you’ll receive an email if the price goes up or down, making it easier to bag a bargain before you’ve even taken off.

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2. Be flexible about when you fly

Another way to save is to be flexible about when you fly. Obviously, you’ll be restricted to certain dates if you’re planning on going to a specific festival or to see a superstar DJ, but if you don’t mind taking that red-eye flight, you might find yourself quids in. Let’s face it, it’s not like you’re going away for a week of beauty sleep, so why not start how you mean to go on and save some pennies for a night of unforgettable partying.

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3. Find hotel deals

Accommodation costs can rocket, especially during festival periods or peak party times, like summer. Find great deals on accommodation with Skyscanner’s hotel search. Quite a few hotels and hostels, including those catering for this summer’s Ibiza Rocks and Mallorca Rocks festivals, have offers on rooms, including discounts for booking early or in a certain month. So it’s worth checking on hotel websites and shopping around to make sure you get a good deal on your digs.

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4. Don’t buy all your booze in the clubs

Entry to the hottest nightclubs can set you back a pretty penny, and that’s without sinking £5 on a small bottle of water. Drinks are expensive, so watch out; before you know it, you’ll have blown all the cash you collected with careful pre-trip planning on a round or Sambuca shots. Get the party started early; enjoy a few beverages before you head out on the town, stock up at Duty Free on the way over, or try some of the local liquor, to kick-off proceedings. If you insist on buying drinks out, look for bars which run happy hours when drinks will be a lot cheaper.

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5. Befriend club promoters handing out flyers

A good way to avoid paying high entry fees or extortionate drinks prices is to keep your eyes peeled for promoters handing out flyers for drinks deals or discounted entry before a certain time of night. Rather than storming past, give these guys a second look and you might pick up some great offers that will help make your money go further and your night last longer.

6. Show clubs some social love to get exclusive deals and discounts

Make sure you’ve got some Facebook friends in the know. Spread the love on social media by liking or following any of the clubs or bars you intend to swing by whilst you’re on holiday. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; they’re all good places to pick up deals on drinks and club entry, plus you may be able to bag a spot on an exclusive guest list that’ll get you and your mates access to VIP lounges – the perfect way to enjoy some play time after all your penny-pinching.

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