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6 flights for £60 or less!

6 flights for £60 or less!

Another week, another fantastic selection of bargains! With 6 flights for under £60* return, why not uncover some destinations on the European road less travelled…

1. Graz, Austria £55

This chocolate box city is every bit as delicious as it looks with verdant greenery, mountains, forests and hill-side vineyards as far as the eye can see. Baroque and Renaissance architecture seamlessly intertwine with modern design, all connected by meandering streets, red roofed houses, vibrant galleries and pavement cafes. At night Graz brims over with nightlife without losing its relaxed ambience that makes it a real rival to Vienna. Find flights to Graz

2. Timisoara, Romania £49

A palpable sense of freedom laced with a beautiful blend of Habsburg architecture and more than a whiff of the Mediterranean, Timisoara is one of the most enchanting cities in Romania. Credited with the downfall of Ceauşescu and the first city to have electric street lamps (1884), the city almost glows with pride. A multicultural melange, Serbs, Germans and Hungarians all call this place home, and it’s easy to see why. Bright, culturally eclectic and vivacious, Timisoara is everything a European city should be. Find flights to Timisoara

3. Geneva, Switzerland £48

Chic and cosmopolitan, Geneva has always had the look of a capital city even though it isn’t. Defined by its wonderfully international community of NGOs and UN organisations, you’ll hear a thousand different languages spoken on the slick city streets, over cups of perfect coffee and in the bars of plush five star hotels. Geneva sits on the sparkling shores of an alpine lake, with pristine air, plenty of outdoor pursuits, a fairy-tale old town and an unbelievable choice of cuisine. It’s a little pricey, but totally worth it! Find flights to Geneva

4. Skopje, Macedonia £45

Communism meets Ottoman, European meets Turkish delight! Skopje, in Macedonia, is a thrilling mix of them all with steamy Turkish bathhouses and exotic markets, to the spindly, delicate minarets that rise above the Eastern Bloc, concrete blocks. Cross the old stone bridge over the powerful Vardar River and you’ll find prospering cafés and trendy bars full of lively people and conversation. Galleries, museums, traditional food and local wines will delight those with a palate for fine art and fine dining. Find flights to Skopje

5. Bilbao £59

Culture oozes from every pore of Bilbao; a city that looks like one giant open air gallery and is home to Frank Gehry’s iconic Museo Guggenheim, which put Bilbao firmly on the arty map. Sunshine and more sunshine illuminate Bilbao’s beautiful streets and beautiful people. The night clubs help you burn the candles at both ends, feast on blissful food and the rich Basque culture and history that surround you. Find flights to Bilbao

6. Venice £44

An engineering marvel, this city on stilts must surely be one of the most breath-taking in all of Europe. Sip prosecco in stunning piazzas, admire the carved stone statues, the dashing gondoliers, magnificent paintings and buildings resplendent with marble and gold. Fine wines, fine food, fine fashions and the finest coffee show Venice at her elegant hedonistic best. A tourist hotspot, try and catch Venice in the early morning for a glimpse of her beautiful waking moments before the crowds descend. Find flights to Venice

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