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6 flights for £50 or less

6 flights for £50 or less

Getting away doesn’t have to cost the earth. Check out our brilliant bargains this week, all under £50! Whether you’re after some last minute sun or planning ahead to the festive season, there’s a giveaway getaway to suit everyone…

Edinburgh – £35

Bagpipes, haggis and whisky; whilst they are obviously the staples of every Scottish lifestyle, you’ll find a whole heap more on offer in enchanting Edinburgh. Come in August and you’ll have hurled yourself right into the throng of the Edinburgh International Festival as it gets in full swing.

Thousands of entertainers, hundreds of quirky venues and a sea of tourists pack the cobbly streets. Edinburgh has it all; fine dining and street food, plush hotels and cheap sleeps, modern art and historic castles, trendy bars and cosy locals. Explore Edinburgh in the summer sunshine and walk the seven hills, or in the crisp, snowy winter, to see the Christmas lights sparkle. Find flights to Edinburgh.

Valencia – £37

Situated in the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline, Valencia basks in the sunlight. Let your adventure begin in the historic old quarter with the ruins of Roman and Arab churches and palaces, to the Gothic La Lonja, declared a UNESCO heritage monument and the ultra-modern Fine Arts Museum.

Famous for gastronomy, Valencia is a giant buffet proffering fresh, delicious and local produce. Speaking of which, don’t miss the crazy tomato throwing festival, La Tomatina, held on the last Wednesday in August!

After removing tomato traces from your clothes, see works by Goya and Velázquez in the art galleries, or visit the beautiful aquarium and planetarium. Lively and rich in everything from culture to food, you’ll find the nights in Valencia as enticing as the gloriously sunny days. Find flights to Valencia.

Brussels – £39

Brussels is almost like the world crammed into one city, with so many different nationalities filling the streets, speaking weird and wonderful languages. They sip coffee from Columbia, eat cakes from Paris, read newspapers from Italy and shop in the African quarter. Brussels is elegant, modern and chic with wide streets, green parks and even a mini-Europe showing off miniatures of the world’s most famous landmarks.

Don’t miss Brussels’ own famous landmark, the controversial Atomium. Grab a Brussels Card and you’ll have free entry to all the city’s museums and public transport for up to 72 hours. Brussels is the perfect place for a chic city break and chocoholics would do well to remember the Belgians reputation for sweet treats. Find flights to Brussels.

Vilnius – £45

Strange and soulful, Vilnius is a bewitching capital that has been declared by UNESCO as the largest baroque Old Town in the world. A mixture of exquisite beauty, with elegant church spires piercing the skyline, and a unique quirkiness make Vilnius a true gem.

The city embodies a proud and free spirited attitude kept alive since the Soviet Occupation and takes every opportunity of enjoying itself. Visit in November if you love to tango, for the Baltic Tango Festival. Have a ball in bars hidden between medieval buildings, kick-back in friendly little cafes and watch the sun set as it casts its golden glow across the courtyards and narrow streets. Come join the artists, poets, musicians and bohemians who all live and are inspired by this upbeat little city. Find flights to Vilnius.

Berlin – £46

The super-cool capital of Germany still draws artists and mere mortals in their droves. Down to earth and entwined in history, Berlin is a melting pot of cultures, where you’ll find tasty falafel next to a bratwurst stand, and the city is all the better for it.

Sip tea in a Russian café before heading off to see an American artist in a local gallery or visit the monumental Reichstag and the evocative Brandenburg Gate where a new chapter in this city’s history began. Dine on Thai or Moroccan food on the banks of a sleepy river, or wait until the chilly winters draw in and the scent of cinnamon follows you around the snowy streets.

If you’re a runner, sign up for the Berlin Marathon in September along with 50,000 others for a day to remember. Great beer, outdoor cinemas and Christmas markets mean you’ll be planning your trip back to Berlin before you’ve even left. Find flights to Berlin.

Krakow – £47

No other Polish city can boast as much original Gothic and Renaissance architecture as stunning Krakow. By some kind fate, it was spared the bombs that razed many other European cities during WWII and now stands as a moving testament to Polish culture and history.

Bask in the glory of towering churches in the beautiful Old Town as you stroll through Market Square. Shop in the Jewish Quarter or simply sit and relax in a local café with chai and cake and watch the world go by. Visit beautiful Krakow in winter when the Christmas Markets turn a snowy city in to a winter wonderland. Be sure to stay for a week at least. Find flights to Krakow.