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5 November sun escapes

5 November sun escapes

November in the UK tends to mean darkness, rain and cold. But just because winter is on its way here, doesn’t mean you can’t find sun elsewhere.

Leave those cold, dark days behind and crank up the heat instead with our sensational sunshine getaways where the only umbrella you’ll find is in your cocktail!

Marrakech, Morocco £69

November Average High: 22C

‘Souk’ up the sun in Marrakech, a city that oozes style and sophistication; this is the perfect place to come for a short sun-seeking break. There may not be beaches in Marrakech but there are plenty of gorgeous hotels with pools where you can bask in warm sun, cocktail in hand in your very own mini oasis and it’s also great value for money; you can eat and sleep cheaply in Morocco. If you want to leave bustle of the medina behind, either head for the hammams to indulge in some serious pampering, Moroccan style, or you could take to the Atlas Mountains for hiking on an epic scale. Find flights to Marrakech

Amman, Jordan £135

November Average High: 20C

This toasty city in Jordan offers a little Middle Eastern mysticism combined with scorching deserts and the fertile Jordan Valley. Artisans display their wares around a city where you can either immerse yourself in tradition or live it up in modern luxury. Relax in one of the world’s most spectacular wonders, the Dead Sea, where you’ll float effortlessly under blue skies. Visit one of the local spas and feel the benefit of the gloriously slimy mineral mud as it’s slathered all over you. Trips to the Rose City of Petra and the awe inspiring Wadi Rum desert are a must. Find flights to Amman

istanbul.JPGIstanbul, Turkey £193

November Average High: 18C

Spread over seven hills and divided by the Bosphorus River separating Europe from Asia Istanbul is where east meets west. Not only is it one of the world’s hippest cities but it’s also still warm in November. Once you’ve shopped ‘til you’ve dropped in the Grand Bazaar and eaten far too much Turkish delight, it’s time to head for Istanbul’s best kept secret. Floating in the Sea of Marmara, a short scenic ferry-ride away from Istanbul, lie the Princes’ Islands. There you’ll stumble upon hidden sandy coves and calm blue waters, perfect for languid swims and sunbathing. These nine tiny islands (only four inhabited) largely go unnoticed by tourists but are popular with locals. You won’t find them in the holiday brochures. Find flights to Istanbul

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt £210

November Average High: 27C

Once a one road desert town, Sharm el Sheikh is now a bona fide family holiday destination and a Riviera on the Red Sea. It has also become synonymous with incredible diving and waters simply stuffed full of exotic corals and colourful fish. Whether you’re a member of the bucket and spade brigade or you plan on swimming with the fishes, Sharm has both charm and fantastic facilities from plush resorts and fine dining to all night bars and clubs. With scorching winter temperatures, you’re guaranteed to be the envy of your friends when you return home with a golden tan. Find flights to Sharm el Sheikh

Goa, India £360

November Average High: 33C

Get going to Goa and you’ll be basking under the gloried Indian sun while kicking back on soft, white sandy beaches where the only sounds are the palm leaves rustling in the breeze. This tiny slice of India on the Arabian Sea may cost a little more to get to but the serenity and beauty of the place is more than worth it. Goa has long been famed for its wild party scene, and there’s nightlife here if you want it. But it’s equally easy to escape amongst the flower scented plantations, waterfalls and tasty cuisine that will add a touch of spice to your Indian adventure. Find flights to Goa