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5 Most Romantic Cities in Italy

5 Most Romantic Cities in Italy

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You can’t beat drifting down the canals of Venice on a gondola amidst picturesque, historic buildings and beautiful Venice hotels towering up from the water, while a gondolier serenades you and your loved one.

Passing under quaint bridges at dusk or having a romantic, candle-lit dinner overlooking a quiet canal as the sun sets over the water are just two of the options offered in this fantastic city. Your own Italian fairytale! Find flights to Venice


Ever since Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, Verona has been the portrait of an Italian romantic city and arguably the most romantic city in the world. Here you can find Juliet’s house complete with her balcony and statue, as well as thousands of love letters tucked into the wall around Valentine’s Day (you can even write one yourself!)

But this air of romance doesn’t come by association alone. Verona in its own right is a beautiful northern city and couples come from all over with the hope of finding a happy ending to their own love story. Verona hotels are generally not expensive, so what are you waiting for? Come and get started on your own love story! Find flights to Verona


An evening spent strolling by the Spanish Steps, tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain, sitting atop Gianicolo hill and overlooking the glistening city; welcome to romantic Rome. In the Eternal City, history blends together with art, religion, and beauty to form a timeless arrangement of Roman culture which makes it difficult not to fall in love with. Find flights to Rome


Although it is the most populous city in all of Tuscany, it may also be the most romantic. Known as ‘’the cradle of the Renaissance,’’ Florence’s art and beauty (which tend to act as fantastic kindlers of romance) have flourished here since the 1400s. Among the most notable features are Michelangelo’s David and the beautiful Ponte Vecchio bridge. Having withstood the test of time, this city still lures couples to this day with its enchanting Renaissance atmosphere. Find flights to Florence


The dramatic beauty of this seaside town on a cliff, known as Positano, offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. With its many colorful buildings, its five street levels going up the mountain, and its characteristic dome of the Santa Maria Assunta church overlooking the town from the beach, being there feels as if you’ve walked into another world.

There are many cozy restaurants up on the cliff or on the beach, all of which offer scenically-placed tables for two. After a romantic dinner, a walk on the beach while watching the fishing boats float upon the moonlit water is the perfect ending to the day. Find flights to Naples