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5 Flights for £50 or less

5 Flights for £50 or less

See the world for less this year with flights to five fantastic destinations for under £50!

Whether you’re in need of a last minute dose of summer sunshine, or whether you’re gearing up for some pre-Christmas shopping, take a look at our beautiful bargains.

stockholm.JPGStockholm, Sweden £22

Who would have thought that elegance could come with a £22 price tag? With buildings the colour of turmeric and terracotta, the beautiful city of Stockholm, surrounded by water, is a showstopper in the snow and the sunshine. It’s artistic, hip, has a wonderful café culture, galleries galore and an endless nightlife. Royal palaces, cobbled streets, a delightful old town and candy coloured ice-cream parlours add to its already captivating charms. Find flights to Stockholm.

Amsterdam, Netherlands £45

Whether you’re on them or cycling along them, Amsterdam’s canals give this quirky and creative city a calming vibe that continues right through to the lush green parks, the tree-lined streets and cosy cafes. Sip a beer with your feet dangling in the water for a summertime treat or get your fill of cinnamon scented markets while fairy lights shimmer and shine on the water in winter. Beautiful, elegant and magical is the best way to describe this city. For £45 you could come and see for yourself. Find flights to Amsterdam.

Barcelona, Spain £47

You don’t have to say ‘adios’ to the sunshine just yet. Why not have a last minute jolly to Barcelona? You could find yourself strolling the Spanish streets, tucking into delicious cuisine from tasty tapas to the freshest of fish while admiring the quirky, curvy and colourful contributions Gaudi made to this stunning city. Just 10 minutes from the city centre, you’ll hear the waves calling you as they lap against the soft white sands. Find flights to Barcelona.

warsaw.poland.JPGWarsaw, Poland £48

From the rubble and ruin of the Second World War, Warsaw’s residents re-built the shattered city from the ground up, with determination and a lot of care. The city has a boundless energy, evident even today in its pavement café scene to its opera and art house cinema, its bars and live music while the robust and delicious Polish cuisine is the icing on the makowiec – a traditional Polish cake. Warsaw may not be as beautiful as her sister Krakow, but her infectious and lively personality more than makes up for that. Find flights to Warsaw.

Zadar, Croatia £48

In Northern Dalmatia lies ancient Zara or Zadar as we know it. If you are looking for a lovely, unspoiled and peaceful break on the heavenly Adriatic, then this is the place for you. Grand, marble streets belong almost entirely to the pedestrian, flitting between roman ruins, cafes, cobbled plazas and delightful local shops. Museums lend a little culture while the quiet beaches offer time to sun and snooze. Fine dining and bubbly bars are yours by night or you can make a total escape from reality, by boat, to the islands of Ugljan or Dugi Otok nearby. Find flights to Zadar.