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5 fab indoor holidays: in is the new out!

5 fab indoor holidays: in is the new out!

Why let unpredictable weather get in the way of a wonderful holiday? Now there’s no need to wait for dazzling sunshine or the perfect powder because, luckily, this autumn ‘indoors is the new outdoors’!

Skyscanner introduces five fab holiday ideas where the weather can’t spoil your fun.

1. Tropical Islands – inside!, Krausnick, Germany

If you like the idea of a tropical break in the heart of Europe then head just 35km south of Berlin where the ‘Tropical Islands‘ indoor rainforest, sauna, spa and beach holiday resort awaits you. The size of eight football fields with a balmy temperature of 26 °C, this is the ultimate in exotic luxury under one roof. It’s open all year round, 24 hours a day.

Drift over rainforest canopies in a helium balloon, languish in lagoons, zip down water slides, watch turtles swimming in mangrove swamps or simply unwind on a white sandy beach. Let the weather outside do whatever it wants; not even a snow storm will stop you from donning your bikini! Find flights to Berlin.

2. Hammams – Istanbul, Turkey

If you can take the heat, get into a hammam. Steamy, hot and utterly luxurious, hammams are one of the most wonderful ways to relax, and exotic Istanbul has plenty to choose from. With over 1,300 thermal springs throughout the country Turkey is a mecca for spa worshippers. Cemberlita Hamami, Cagaloglu Hamami and Galatasaray Hamami are a few of the best thermal baths in the city.

Invented to sooth body and soul, hammams often have magnificent courtyards, marble fountains and an intricate architectural style. It’s rather like having a bath in a cathedral. Wearing a towel or sarong you will be scrubbed with a mitt before slipping into the hot baths, followed by a massage, rinsing and a facial. It’s hard work but someone has to do it! Find flights to Istanbul.

3. One New Change Shopping Centre – London, UK

Recently opened, this monumental new London shopping centre nestled in the shadow of magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral is set to lure local bankers and city professionals to spend their hefty pay packets in this £540m, 560,000 square foot, super sleek shopping mall.

Containing luxury labels like Hugo Boss and high street names as well as restaurants owned by Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, come hail, snow or sleet you can be assured of a warm and dry shopping experience. Enjoy panoramic views across London from the roof terrace in between your session of retail therapy. Find flights to London.

4. Ski Dubai – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You no longer need to check the snow forecasts or hedge your bets on when to book a skiing holiday. Just fly to one of the hottest countries in the world and you’ll be guaranteed super snow and sledging on the slopes.

Ski Dubai is the world’s most luxurious indoor ski resort, in one of the unlikeliest settings imaginable. In the heart of a hot sandy desert, and looking rather like a giant snow globe, sits this awesome ski paradise with tonnes of artificial, but very realistic snow.

The resort has 22,500 square meters of space for skiing and snowboarding and 3,000 square meters of Snow Park where anyone can enjoy simulated winter fun. Temperatures are kept at a nippy -1 degrees C during the day and -6 by night. Considering it is usually over 30 degrees outside, it’s quite extraordinary. With cafés, restaurants and ski shops galore, there’s fun to be had on and off the slopes. Find flights to Dubai.

5. Galleries and Museums – Paris, France

Despite having plenty of outdoor attractions too, Paris makes the perfect ‘indoor’ getaway. Lovers of art and culture could spend weeks perusing the hundreds of exciting exhibitions taking place in galleries and museums across the romantic ‘City of Lights’.

The Musée du Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Espace Dali, Musée du Montparnasse, Musée Rodin, Musée Picasso and Musée National d’Art Moderne are just a handful of the incredible museums and art galleries showing off their collections. Paris has another pleasure to brag about that can be enjoyed no matter the weather, and that’s food. Savour the stunning pâtisseries, chocolateries, boulangeries and cafés serving up the finest French cuisine, come rain or shine. Find flights to Paris.