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40 countries before I’m 30: Blog of the Week

40 countries before I’m 30: Blog of the Week

The concept of 40before30 is self-explanatory. It’s the blog of Travel Blogger of the Year Jayne Gorman, who is trying to blog about 40 countries before she’s 30.

Starting out less than two years ago, 20-something Jayne totted up that she had visited 30 countries and wanted to tick off the further 10 required to take her tally to 40, before she was 30. As she ‘fell more in love with blogging’, she then decided that ‘a stamp in a passport from the late 80s’ wasn’t enough and so she’d visit and blog about 40 countries anew. So far she has blogged about 26.

Jayne’s engaging and entertaining blog will appeal to round-the-world gappers and city break weekenders alike. The look is low-key and the pages aren’t dripping with National Geographic-quality images, but that suits the blog’s style. Like her writing, Jayne’s holiday snaps tell it like it is for the likes of you and me. As well as her traveller’s tales, she provides useful advice, from parking at airports on a budget to what not to do at Full Moon parties!

The blog’s appeal lies in Jayne’s unassuming girl-next-door likeability. Whereas some bloggers intimidate with their ‘I’ve travelled the world… what, you’ve only been to Majorca?’ elitism, Jayne posts articles like ‘Why I am too scared to CouchSurf’ and giddily recounts her first experience of a business class lounge. Her writing is page-turningly engaging and most importantly, funny – usually as she recounts her latest mishap, for instance: ‘I was working on an event in South Africa and my clothes fell off’. You really do wish her well.

Follow Jayne’s quest to visit 40 countries, and avoid ‘international embarrassment’, at 40before30

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