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360 Panorama – app of the week

360 Panorama - app of the week

We’ve shared some of our favourite travel guides with you in recent weeks, and this week we have something a bit different for you.

360 Panorama is a photo app for iPhone which allows you to capture 360 panoramas in around 20 seconds. It’s an absolute must for photo app fans looking for something a bit different to Instagram or Hipstamatic, and the images provide a nice middle ground between photo and video.

As you pan round your chosen scene, the viewfinder shows each frame being built. Be sure to hold the camera at the same height all the way through or the shot may get a little uneven.

One you’ve shot your scene, you can choose to share on Facebook, Twitter or by email. Scenes are also available as flat images as well as 360 ‘swipeable’ landscapes.

The image capture works more slowly in low-light settings, so be aware of this and don’t pan too quickly if the light isn’t great. Another tip is to hold your iPhone at an angle which helps to maximise the capture area.

We tested this out recently at a wedding and sent the bride and groom a unique souvenir at the touch of a button, with the panorama featuring all their guests. It’s a great way of capturing your holiday moments!

This app is an absolute bargain, and although you only get 10 panoramas initially, packs of extra credits are reasonably priced at £1.19 for 20 Premium Credits, £2.99 for 60 and £5.99 for 150.

360 Panorama is available on iTunes for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G and iPad 2 on priced at 59p