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22 signs you’re addicted to travel

Which of these traveller traits best describe you? Find out how much of a jet-setter you really are!

Spend your days dreaming about your next getaway or planning spontaneous weekends somewhere new?

Here are 22 signs that you’re totally hooked on travel:

1. You get more excited about travelling than almost anything else – that includes train and car journeys over 3 hours long.

2. The moment you’re back you’re getting itchy feet for your next adventure.

3. You’ve have (or considered getting) a compass/map/tiny airplane tattoo.

4. You have currency from every country you’ve travelled to.

5. You’re always using Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ search and daydreaming about where you might go next.

6. Staying in one place your whole life seems like your worst nightmare.

7. In fact, the thought of staying still for a whole year is unbearable!

8. You’re a pro at sleeping anywhere; airport check-ins, middle seat on a plane, baggage reclaim belt…

9. Your bucket list simply reads ‘the world’.

10. Wherever you lay your hat, that’s your home, not any specific place.

11. You set up price alerts for places you have no real plans to visit, you know, just in case…

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12. “We’re lost!” Wrong; it’s just another adventure!

13. Your computer desktop/phone home screen is of some exotic place you long to visit.

14. Most of your friends live in foreign countries and not where you grew up.

15. Travelling solo is no big deal; you don’t have to wait around for other people, you get to meet like-minded wanderlusters, and most importantly, see the world!

16. You don’t bother to unpack properly. It seems like a waste of time when you’ll just be jetting off again soon.

17. Your passport is one of your most treasured possessions.

18. You are an expert at packing. Two weeks with just carry-on luggage? Let’s go for a month!

19. Airport codes are your pub quiz specialty subject.

20. It’s all about the air miles and frequent-flier points; collecting them is you main goal and you know exactly how many you’ve got.

21. You’re a human luggage scales. You can tell instantly whether or not your bag is too heavy to fly as soon as you pick it up.

22. You spend hours trawling through travel blogs for tips and inspiration.

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