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Snap shots: 11 Instagram accounts to follow in 2016

Is your Instagram feed looking a bit blah? Whilst it's nice to see what Uncle Jamie's brood of children have been up to, wouldn't it be awesome if it had a few snaps mixed in there that will spark traveller envy?

Well these might just do that so don’t blame us if you’re checking out the next flight out of here!

1. Chris Burkard

A self-taught photographer, Chris’ work is full of stunning landscapes that’ll help spur on any adventures you had planned.

2. PassionPassport

Get together a whole community of like-minded travellers, storytellers and photographers and you can create something quite amazing.

3. YTravelBlog

Got kids – will travel. This jet-set family shows just what it’s like to travel around with world with small humans in tow.

4. A Lady in London

Follow the adventures of an expat Californian as she travels around the world exploring everything it has to offer.

5. Sean Ensch

A travel, landscape and underwater photographer, Sean’s snaps will soon provide enough inspiration to fill up that bucket list twice over.

6. Ty Schmitt

After retiring from the NFL, Ty focused on his photography and turned his passion into a full time job.

7. Loki the Wolfdog

Not all explorers walk on two legs! And this just happens to be one of the most well-travelled dogs around. Fond of colder climates, follow Loki’s adventures with his much loved human.

8. GirlEatWorld

Some go for the amazing views. Some explore the world for different cultures. This girl travels for the food. Join Melissa as she documents different grub from all four corners of the globe.

9. Budget Traveller

Named as the UK’s Travel Blogger of the Year, Kash is someone you’ll always find travelling the world. Not only does he travel in style but he also does it on a very tight budget.

10. Brendan van Son

Hailing from a small town in Canada, Bredan is a travel photographer and journalist that’s visited over 80 countries in the last five years.

11. Skyscanner

So it’s probably a bit cheeky to include ourselves, but if you’re looking for some inspiration make sure to check us out. Fancy being featured on our Instagram account? Tag your photos with #LetsGoEverywhere

Get snapping with these handy tips for travel photographers

Have these photos inspired you to grab your camera next time you take off? Let us know, leave a comment or share your photos with us.

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