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2017’s biggest long-haul flight savings

Flying long-haul is more affordable than ever thanks to some significant flight price drops over the past year.

For travellers wanting to jet off somewhere far away this year but are worried about the cost, Skyscanner has been busy data crunching to find out which long-haul destinations have seen the biggest drop in flight prices. Vancouver tops the charts with an 18% drop in prices year-on-year, which could save a family of four over £500, followed by Boston and Hong Kong which have seen 13% and 14% drop in prices₂.

The global travel search engine most recent data has seen flight prices drop by 10% across all flights to all destination, with a 6% drop in price across flights outside of Europe and 7.5% for Domestic flights6. This latest data pull shows travellers where the biggest drop in prices are and also looks at when is the Best Time to Book your long-haul flight by destinations and which is the cheapest month of the year to travel.

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Skyscanner’s travel editor Cat McGloin comments: “Flights have seen an average 10% drop in prices year on year, but what we are now able to see is where the biggest drops are for those long haul destinations and show travellers that those dream

far flung locations might be more affordable than they think. Finding cheap prices can be easily if travellers are flexible, choosing to depart from a different airport or changing the date of travel are just two quick hacks to consider.”

For travellers taking up the opportunity to fly long haul, the travel experts at Skyscanner have compiled content on how best to beat Jet Leg, check this out

₁ Average price based on Skyscanner exits between April 2016 and March 2017. Looking at the top 50 destinations based on Skyscanner exits in 2016

₂ Savings between the average price on Skyscanner exits between April 2015 to March 2016 compared to April 2016 to March 2017

₃ Percentage difference of the savings of average flight prices

₄Cheapest month and best time to book is based on historical Skyscanner exit data from UK to selected destinations looking at booking times and exit prices

5 Savings based on average flight price saving from 2016 Skyscanner exits from UK to select destinations multiplied by four for family savings and multiplied twice for couple saving

6 Based on Skyscanner flight exit data from 1st January 2015 – 31st December 2015 compared to same period in 2016