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20 cities for Yuccies around the world

Move over hipsters: young urban 'yuccies' are taking over, and here's where you'll find them (and their 'taches)

Do you remember the Hipster? Bearded boys with striped (or plaid) shirts and girls with rainbow hair and a cereal obsession? Well, the end is nigh for these super cool 20-somethings – Yuccies are the latest breed of urban fashion-conscious creatives and they’re slowly taking over the world!

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The term Yuccie, created by combining "young urban creatives", describes someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit, a hippie for the 21st century, a penniless creator or start-up boss, pursuing their dreams and fattening their bank balance, but splashing out on the latest tech gadgets and gourmet meals. Like the Hipster, they have tattoos, but they’ve shaved off the beard and substituted it for a well-waxed moustache and a crew-cut quiff hairstyle. Rather than rent private offices, Yuccies prefer co-working spaces or galleries and cafés (but only those serving organic coffee and quinoa salads) as they believe this environment is better for idea sharing and developing their creative potential. They live in up-and-coming areas of the city, where rent is cheap and they can fill up that Instagram account with snaps of single-speed bikes propped up against graffiti walls and abandoned industrial estates.

Skyscanner has identified 20 cities around where Yuccie neighbourhoods and communities are thriving. Take a ride with us to explore the design laboratories, start-up incubators and coffee shop galleries around which a Yuccie’s world revolves. Let us know, do you feel a bit ‘Yuccie too?

1. Plagwitz, Leipzig

Leipzig Hypezig! This city is being massively hyped and has, in a short space of time, become a mecca for a new generation of Hipster. In fact, it should be renamed Yupezig! Yes, the Yuccies have landed in this Saxon city. The Plagwitz district, an old industrial area, is the main headquarters for innovative start-ups and designers, packed with galleries and quirky cultural spaces that have been carved out from the post-industrial rubble and abandoned buildings here. Pay a visit to Baumwollspinnerei, which was once a cotton factory and is today a cultural centre, with regular exhibitions, many held for non-profit organisations. Injected with a sense of renewed vigour and a bright creative future, this trade city is getting trendy, so get in quick before the Yuccies claim it all for themselves!

Spinnerei, Leipzig.

The Baumwollspinnerei – Halle 12, Darren Almond: Terminus; Uwe Walter; 2006

2. Savamala, Belgrade

Another city that’s had a bit of a facelift recently is Belgrade. Although it’s had a difficult past, the city’s future looks bright, gradually becoming a fashionable destination and attracting plenty of new tourists. The Savamala district is at the centre of this beautiful revival: workshop space and creative hubs are springing up all over the area, above ground and below in the city’s tunnel system. Here you’ll see young people cheerily chatting in the street, before returning to work on their latest start-up idea. Get down to Mikser House (Karadordeva 46, Savamala) to see some of these entrepreneurial businesses in action – it’s on a former industrial estate and is a place for local and regional ‘big thinkers’ to get together and see what they can do, which, looking at their events calendar, includes Blues music and traditional Serbian cooking.

Cafe, Belgrade

Photo courtesy of Gnezdo restaurant

3. Vesterbro, Copenhagen

When it comes to being bang on trend, northern Europe is usually first to jump aboard that train! This is the reason why the Danish capital, Copenhagen, has got to be one of the coolest cities to live in for any self-respecting Yuccie. The Danes love to cycle (the city’s terrain is almost entirely flat and easily explored on two wheels), sip organic lattes in battered leather armchairs, spend hours perusing the shelves in antique bookshops and catch an opening night at a local art gallery. The Vesterbro district is the perfect place for all this, with its unusual mix of the traditional northern European ‘go-slow’ approach and the frenetic rhythm of a city thriving in the age of the internet economy. Go armed with plenty of krone – in Vesterbro you’ll find restaurants, bookshops and a plethora of chic Danish designer boutiques. Typography nerds, head to Playtype, to bring home some special Yuccie souvenir stationary. If you’re trying to keep spends to a minimum, checkout this article on how to see all the best bits of Copenhagen without blowing the budget.

Playtype shop, Copenhagen

Photo courtesy of Playtype store

4. Eilandje, Antwerp

Sniffing out the best Yuccie hangout in Belgium? It’s got to be Antwerp, but we recommend you skip the city centre and head north to Antwerp’s Het Zuid neighbourhood, another suburb being transformed by this new breed of urbanites. Eilandje, the area surrounding the city’s old industrial port, is the envy of many other European cities wishing they could be oh-so cool. It’s the place to be for cutting edge cuisine and contemporary art exhibitions, showcasing the talents of many local and international artists. The MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) building has become a symbol of the city, an amazing architectural feat on the banks of the Schelde River, and home to more than half a million works of art. In front of the MAS is Felixpakhuis, a restaurant with a minimalist interior and packed with vintage furniture, which also has creative spaces and hosts jazz concerts: it has Yuccie written all over it!

Restaurant, Antwerp ©Felix Pakhuis

Photo courtesy of Felixpakhuis

5. Hornstull, Stockholm

The Swedish capital has long been synonymous with super-cool: the Östermalm district and the SoFo (south of Folkungagatan) area being amongst the most Hipster hangouts in the city. However, the Yuccies prefer Hornstull, located south of Södermalm. Here there’s an atmosphere of excitement and a real buzz of creative activity, as innovative start-ups spring to life and the young folk balance their business with making sure they get enough espresso (or aquavit) shots in. Go Yuccies spotting at the flea market on Sundays, or try and keep up with a night at Trädgården, one of the hottest clubs in the city that comes to life every summer. Read more here for more tips on where to go to get the true Swedish Yuccie experience.

Tradgarden, Stockholm

Tradgarden – Photo credit by

6. Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam

Rotterdam is dynamic, cosmopolitan and very trendy, crammed with interesting things to see and do, so don’t be shocked when we say that it’s probably more fun than its (in)famous sibling, Amsterdam. Yuccies feel most at home around the Witte de Withstraat, the artery that pulsates through the beautiful heart of Rotterdam, as this the best spot for picking up some quirky crafts, designer clothes and wandering through contemporary art galleries and museums. If you don’t bump into them cycling along the avenues, you’re sure to come face to face with a real life Yuccie in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, contemplating their next ‘big idea’ over a cup of mint tea in Bazar café or exploring newer galleries like Tent. By the end of your trip, we guarantee you’ll feel a bit more like a Yuccie yourself!

Libia Castro Olafur Olafsson - Asymmetry, TENT ©Job Janssen Jan Adriaans

Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson – Asymmetry – TENT Photo credit by Job Janssen & Jan Adriaans

7. Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has long been the place to go for a mashup of traditional and current trends, reflected in the city’s iconic landmarks, like the impressive monuments and buildings that crowd the city’s UNESCO protected historic centre. However, down the side streets and alleyways you will now find an increasing number of workshops and creative spaces where the younger generation flex their mighty talents, calling the shots when it comes to what’s hot and what’s not in Russia’s second largest city. The area of Nevsky Prospect is full of shops and boutiques, but is also a great place for spotting ‘creative types’ flitting between their offices and workshops – Taiga, a space completely dedicated to contemporary art, not far from the imposing Hermitage Musuem complex, is where many Russian Yuccies like to go to discuss their creative, and often political, theologies. Make sure you don’t miss a thing on your next trip to St. Petersburg with our top 10 list of things to see and do.

Taiga, Saint Petersburg, Russia ©

Taiga- Saint Petersburg – Photo credit by

8. Islington, London

‘Tell us something new,’ you cry! Everyone knows about the Hipster-fication of south east London and areas like Shoreditch and Brixton, but the latest borough where Yuccies are choosing to bed down is Islington. Twenty years ago you couldn’t give away a flat in Angel or Kings Cross, seedy parts of town notorious for trouble: these days young creative professionals are clambering over each other to pay through-the-roof rent and live in a shoe-box, because it means they’re around the new fashionable cafés, nightclubs and pubs popping up all over this part of London. Not yet made it into the ‘mainstream’, Islington retains some of it’s rough and ready character, but get in quick before the Yuccies turn your local boozer in to a ‘eat clean’ juice bar. Aside from liquidising their food, another Yuccie obsession is ‘going for brunch’ – for some top nosh that’s not quite breakfast not quite lunch, make it to one of The Breakfast Clubs dotted around trendy parts like Hoxton, London Bridge and Soho. Hungry for more? Find out where to get the best bites in the capital here.

The Breakfast Club, London.

Photo courtesy of The Breakfast club cafè

9. SoMa, San Francisco

The start-up concept was pretty much born in San Francisco, so what better place to meet the latest batch of bright young things hoping to turn their passions into something profitable? SoMa (the area south of Market Street) is the prime stomping ground for Yuccies, highly venerated in this part of town for their ambition, creativity and knowledge of all things social media, mobile apps and, of course, Apple. After a hard day in their co-working office space, the San Fran Yuccie can usually be found running along the shores of the Bay Area, looking intellectual in the city’s galleries and museums, or Instagramming their organic meals. Fancy a slice of this life? Visit SFMOMA (the modern art museum), Yerba Buena Center of Arts, 111 Minna Gallery and SF Camerawork: all wonderful spaces dedicated to the visual arts and photography that, Yuccie or not, are really worth checking out. For more tips on what not to miss in SF, here’s our guide to the top 10 must-sees, including more info on some of the city’s hidden gems.

sfc gallery, San Francisco ©SF Camerawork

Photo courtesy of: SF Camerawork – San Francisco

10. Sternschanze, Hamburg

For too long, Hamburg has sat in the shadow of its Hipster brother, but, hurrah, the Yuccies are here to throw the spotlight on this bustling port city, showing the rest of the world that there’s as much (if not more) exciting cultural stuff going on in Hamburg as there is in Berlin. This city has started to attract talented and creative entrepreneurs, particularly to the Sternschanze district, the epicentre of Hamburg’s cultural explosion. Independent galleries, boutiques, Turkish restaurants, cafés with bags of charm and furniture design shops: this is where urban style blends perfectly with bohemian chic. If you pass through, take a trip to LUV to see some interior designs that will blow your mind – you’ll not be able to look at the IKEA catalogue in the same way again!

Sternschanze, Hamburg ©Christoph Bellin/ Flickr

11. Tortona, Milan

It’s hardly surprising that there are so many stylish neighbourhoods in this Italian city, famed for its catwalks and international fashion houses: there’s Brera and Isola, or the more modern Hangar Bicocca and Fondazione Prada, which attract hordes of hipsters and ‘urban creatives’. However, the latest trendy area to stay in is Tortona, with the largest number of Yuccies per square metre! The wonderful Fuorisalone is held here, an annual six day event in April, celebrating everything the city has to offer in the way of cool design, performance and art. Another place that’s ‘so hot right now’ is the brand new MUDEC (Museum of Culture) – team a trip here with dinner or lunch at Al Fresco‘s, an old industrial building (are you seeing a pattern yet?) transformed into a temple of taste, a secret garden in the heart of Milan. Find out where else the locals like to hang out in this guide to the best things to see and do in Milan from Stef, our expat travel expert.

Tortona cafe, Milan, Italy

Photo courtesy of Al Fresco restaurant

12. Woodstock, Cape Town

Cape Town’s popular neighbourhood, Woodstock (with a name like that, of course it’s going to be full of bohemian beatniks) has become a favourite spot for young artists, exhibiting in independent galleries, bringing to life to their dreams and turning them into small business. Some have called Woodstock a haven for hipsters, but things here have actually gone a step further and residents are embracing the internet economy lifestyle. Many companies and individuals are investing in this area, breathing new artistic life into it, making it the perfect place for every discerning Yuccie.

Grey building and workman, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Photo courtesy of The Woodstock Exchage

13. Greenpoint, New York

New York, New York, the Hipsters have chewed you up and spat you out – let the Yuccies (the social media managers, the marketing gurus and emerging artists) revive you weary spirit with their weekly yoga classes, single-speed vintage bikes, smartphones and lifestyle blogs. Most likely, they live in Brooklyn, like many Hipsters, but prefer Greenpoint or Williamsburg. Many a business lunch has been had over the black kale and anchovy salad at Fieve Leaves, or you might prefer some of their avo-toast and moroccan scrambled eggs for brunch – whatever you choose, make sure you Instagram that dish, served on brightly coloured plates by the chef. Concerned about visiting the Big Apple and killing your bank balance? Fear not: check out these 11 free things to do in New York.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, robot mural, New York, USA ©Richard Burger/ Flickr

14. Vila Madalena, São Paulo

Vila Madalena in the west of São Paulo, once a haven for the city’s upper middle class, is fast-becoming a cultural centre for Brazil’s bright young things. Street art lines almost every avenue, small galleries, libraries and chic restaurants abound, attracting lots of Yuccies to this part of town, especially for a beverages after work. The Brazilian Yuccie is something of an anomaly, a bit more flamboyant with an infectious energy, they’re guaranteed to take centre stage at any party. If you’re passing through then stop by some of the small boutiques and craft shops, run by local designers, before taking a break at Chou, where you’ll find a selection of delicious dishes prepared with fresh, organic and ethically sourced ingredients in a relaxed environment.

Chou Restaurant, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo courtesy of Chou restaurant

15. Cihangir, Istanbul

Istanbul is another city that powers forward in the pursuit for the latest fashion trend, adding its own unique twist along the way. However, Turkey’s Yuccie generation are no different to those in other countries: effortlessly cool, interested in starting their own business and creating a new community of talent in the heart of the city. Cihangir is their centre, where these bohemian souls live and devote themselves to a thoroughly modern lifestyle, opening designer boutiques, craft shops and elegant clubs. The Yuccies of Istanbul like coffee breaks as much as the next post-Hipster, sipping strong Turkish brews in the shade on a hot summer’s day, and love to pamper themselves with gourmet dinners in fashionable restaurants. Feast like a Yuccie on super-healthy salads and homemade Mediterranean platters at Journey, then stay for a for a nightcap and listen to their resident DJ ’til the wee hours. Make sure you have an incredible trip and read these best 10 things to see and do in Istanbul, from bazaars to the Blue Mosque – and beyond!

Cihangir, Istanbul, Turkey.

Thinkstock – Photo credit by rolleiflextlr

16. Confluence, Lyon

Ah Paris! The city of love and romance. But what about Lyon? Well Yuccies are certainly showing France’s third largest city a whole lotta luv. Renowned as a historical and gastronomical centre, Lyon is also considered the birthplace of cinema – so it’s no wonder Yuccies have started to flock here. Confluence is the old (you guessed it) industrial area of the city where abandoned buildings have been converted into eco-friendly community spaces. It’s a terrific breeding ground for new galleries, workshops, cultural centres, all aiming to nurture fresh young talent. La Sucrière, once a huge Art Deco-styled sugar factory, is now a large arts centre spread over four floors, hosting some of Lyon’s finest contemporary art exhibitions and events, including the famous Biennale of Contemporary Art. Check out some more of Lyon’s Yuccie hangouts in this article about the top 10 things to do here.

La Sucriere, Lyon, France.

La Sucrière – Photo credit by Yvonnik-Martin-LAlexandre

17. Sant Antoni, Barcelona

Barcelona’s Gracia district continues to be the main Hipster hub, but Yuccies have started voting with their feet and are moving out to the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni. A part of the city where modernity and tradition has sat comfortably side-by-side for many years, it has recently witnessed a real cultural renaissance. Young urbanites have taken control and are opening up creative spaces and cool businesses in Sant Antoni. Enjoy an evening soaking up the area’s creative buzz in a local bar – you won’t find better than Tarannà for delicious tapas and a pint of Yuccie craft cerveza. Find out what life is really like for a young urbanite in Barcelona from our local expert Carlos and read about where to eat, drink and party in this bustling Spanish city.

Taranna, Barcelona, Spain.

Photo credits by Mon Kp / @monakape

18. Alexandria, Sydney

Yuccies feel at home in Australia – futuristic cities, beautiful landscapes and many creative. Sydney is very modern and its art scene is among the most interesting in the world, while new technologies are constantly developed and disseminated to the kids in the know. Newtown is traditionally the suburb of choice for pretty young things, but another area of Sydney that’s been catapulted on to the main stage by an influx of Yuccies is Alexandria. Watch young designers meet for coffee at The Grounds and grab a lentil du puy loaf to go with your cup of Joe – they even host a ‘coffee academy’ where they teach you the best ‘cupping’ technique and how to achieve that perfect brew. Be in the know with our local guide Monica and get all the insider tips on what to do and where to go in Australia’s most cosmopolitan city.

Cake at The Grounds, Alexandria, Sydney ©Sue_n_alex / Flickr

19. Nakameguro, Tokyo

Professionals, ‘urban creatives’, chic geeks, hippie entrepreneurs, die-hard Instagrammers and successful start-uppers crowd the streets of Tokyo. The latest hip hangout for wannabe Yuccies is Nakameguro. Here life is relaxed, girls and boys stream by on vintage bicycles, use the local coffee shop as their office and buy vintage looks in the many second-hand shops which stay open until late evening – not forgetting some great antique bookshops where you can pick up a modern classic paperback, just to complete your Yuccie look. Make sure you pull into Ofr for international eats or to browse through their collection of zines and glossy photography journals. For more trip tips for Tokyo, check out this handy guide to 9 of the top things you can do in this uber-cool city.

Ofr bookstore, Tokyo.

Photo courtesy of Ofr. bookstore – Tokyo

20. d3, Dubai

Ok, so the glitz and glamour of seven-star luxury isn’t quite what Yuccies aim for, but the design district of Dubai is turning into the trendiest part of town for those interested in a healthy, creative urban lifestyle. Also known as ‘d3’, this section of town is currently preparing to host the EXPO in 2020, which aims to connect young local talent with large international corporations to foster and encourage the continued flow of creativity between these two groups. You’ll find the usual smattering of cool galleries, workshops, boutiques and cafés here, but we recommend you pop into Ghaf Kitchen, for tasty street food, a NYC style brunch or a healthy bowl of beetroot and goats cheese salad. Development in the area is still in its early stages, but it won’t be long before this creative community puts New York in the shade! See this impressive city on the cheap with our tips for doing Dubai on a budget.

Dubai skyline at dusk.

Photo courtesy of Ghaf Kitchen

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