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15 amazing homes around the world

Check out these home sweet homes from all over the globe.

A nice warm bed, having friends and family close by, or just a simple cup of tea in front of the TV; what do you think of when you think about your home?

From floating houses in Thailand, to cave castles in Turkey, many people live in all sorts of places around the world. Maybe Oh – who, together with the rest the Boov, is on the hunt for a new planet to call home in Fox’s latest animated movie Home – can find somewhere to lay his hat.

See how the other half really live and have a peek at these 15 awesome abodes:

1. Venice, Italy

On the shores of the Floating City, Venice, you’ll find colourful terraces and tiny hideaways. Just make sure you don’t mind crooning gondoliers sailing past your window in the morning.

Colourful houses on the canal in Venice.

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2. Laos

Head to lovely Laos for a slice of home, which typically means a straw mat on the floor of a hut built on stilts, a few blankets and lots of smiles.

Straw house in Laos.

3. Sweden

Many Swedes live in big cities, but it’s also very common for them to have summer houses and boating boltholes on the coast in other parts of the country.

Red wooden houses in Sweden.

4. Cappadocia, Turkey

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Under the mountain and in the caves of Cappadocia, discover Uchisar Castle and explore the winding stairways and stone passages that connect the impressive chambers.

Mountain cave houses in Cappadocia, Turkey.

5. Chile

Patagonia, an area shared by Argentina and Chile, is home to stunning landscapes and dramatic mountain views like this one. Sit by the fire in a traditional home and enjoy the view.

Cabin by lake and snowy mountains, Chile.

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6. France

From chic Parisian apartments, to these charming chalets in Alsace; Oh, and anyone else looking for a new place to settle, are bound to find something to suit in France.

Houses with flower window boxes in Alsace, France.

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7. Canada

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Château Frontenac in Quebec was once the colonial governors’ mansion during the heyday of the British Empire. Today, it’s a luxury hotel, so you can stay for a while, or just a night before deciding if it’s the place for you.

Chateau Frontenac Canada.

8. Greece

Stroll through narrow alleyways amidst traditional white-washed houses and fall in love with the cute cottages in the Greek islands.

White-washed houses in Greece.

9. Hong Kong

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It’s all about the high life and high rises in Hong Kong. Compact living and colourful designs make this a unique place to stay.

High rise flats in Hong Kong.

10. Mongolia

Traditionally, Mongolian nomadic tribes roamed the plains tending to livestock and would set up a temporary camp or yurt, to sleep in; this way of living continues to thrive today.

Hut in Mongolia.

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11. Nepal

High up in the Himalayas, this village has carved a home right in the side of these majestic mountains.

Houses in Nepal set in mountains in valley.

12. San Francisco

Find a home and leave your heart in San Francisco, where these vibrant Victorian houses, known as the ‘Painted Ladies’ line the sidewalks.

Victorian houses in San Francisco, US.

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13. Russia

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Much of this vast country is uninhabited, so there’d be plenty of space for Oh and his fellow alien house-hunters to set up camp.

Traditional wooden house in Russia.

14. South Africa

Simple but sturdy, these typical South African huts in Kruger National Park, are designed to keep you cool in the searing heat and warm when the temperature drops at night.

House in the desert in South Africa.

15. Thailand

Make moving easy and live on a floating boat, like these villagers in Thailand. In some remote parts, residents can go their whole lives without ever leaving the water!

Floating village in Thailand.

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