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12 James Bond locations: in pictures

To celebrate the release of Spectre this October, here are 12 stunning pics of star locations from overv 50 years of Bond films... for your eyes only.

The name’s Bond. As Spectre explodes on to the big screen this October, we present 12 places around the world where the most famous spy has wrestled with villains, hung around casinos and chatted up glamorous (Bond) girls.

1. Shanghai, China – Skyfall

It mustn’t be a bad life being an employee of the secret service: you get to jet round the world, and most likely not in economy class. In Skyfall, Daniel Craig goes shopping for duty free after showing how tough he is among the bright lights of Shanghai. For top tips on what to see and do in Shanghai check out our city guide.

2. San Francisco, USA – A View to a Kill

Grace Jones’s Mayday steals the show with her leap off the Eiffel Tower, while serial baddie Christopher Walken is on form with his 80s city boy gone wrong, Max Zorin. Roger Moore sorts him out good and proper in the skies over San Francisco‘s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. And what a theme tune from Duran Duran! See the bridge for yourself – take a trip to San Francisco and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the top sights with this handy guide.

3. Hong Kong – Die Another Day

Hong Kong is a favourite location for Bond action. The dramatic setting of its harbour inspired Pierce Brosnan to take a break from chatting up Halle Berry and delivering wooden one-liners, and swing into a classic Bond action sequence in Die Another Day.

4. Istanbul, Turkey – From Russia With Love

Bond returns to one of his favourite city break destinations, Istanbul, in Skyfall. While it mightn’t be wise to tour the Grand Bazaar on a scooter, you can re-create other 007 moments, including several from From Russia with Love, like taking in the view from the Bosphorus Ferry with a mysterious Russian lady called Tatiana. For other top spots the Tatiana, read more about Istanbul’s attractions here.

5. Khao Phing Kan, Thailand – The Man With the Golden Gun

These days it’s known as James Bond Island, which is a bit tacky, but Khao Phing Kan, in Thailand‘s Andaman Sea, is pretty cool even without its association with one of the most gripping sequences of any Bond film – Roger Moore’s duel with Christopher Lee’s man with the golden gun, Scaramanga. Learn to duel like a pro, pro Muay Thai boxer that is, plus check out Thailand’s tigers and temples.

6. St. Andrews, Scotland – Goldfinger

What? How did this get in here? Not the likeliest of locations for big Bond action, St. Andrews, the hallowed turf of its Old Course graced by Nicklaus, Palmer, Woods… and Harold Sakata’s Oddjob – the unhinged henchman who chooses the home of golf to demonstrate his skills with a killer bowler hat. Have a peek at this gallery of stunning Scotland in case you fancy going in search of Bond’s family estate in Glencoe, as seen in Skyfall.

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Moonraker

Roger Moore really was just turning up to collect his pay cheque in Moonraker, but the film still boasts one of the most dramatic fight scenes in the whole franchise – Bond’s set-to with scary-as-a-shark Jaws on the cable car up to Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio. Read our local’s city guide for more information on what to see and do in Brazil’s most famous seaside city.

8. Lake Pichola, India – Octopussy

Bond gets himself involved with Octopussy – played by the somewhat less exotically-named Maud Adams – on a romp around India, going back to her place – the Lake Palace on Lake Pichola in Rajasthan in for coffee and mints, and villain-busting action. Check out what else there is to take your fancy in Rajasthan in this article.

9. Jamaica – Dr. No

Underneath the mango tree, my honey and me. Re-create the scene where Connery’s Bond meets the improbably-monikered Honey Ryder, played by Ursula Andress. You could do it at Clacton, but Crab Key, Jamaica would be truer to the film – find out where the best beaches, food and reggae bars are with this guide to the super chilled Caribbean island.

10. Tokyo, Japan – You Only Live Twice

As far as we know, you only live once, but Tokyo is one of those places that many of us would love to go to just once in our lives – get it right and follow our tips of the nine must-sees in the Japanaese capital. Sean Connery gets back in the action on the trail of his arch-nemesis, SPECTRE supremo, Donald Pleasance’s Blofeld, taking in Tokyo on a tour of Japan.

11. Key West, Florida, USA – Licence to Kill

The much-maligned Timothy Dalton hangs out with drag queens and goes big game fishing for marlin off Key West. Well, not quite, but Bond liberally used his licence while jumping out of helicopters and fighting pelicans in the tranquil, tropical Florida Keys. For more fun ideas on how to holiday in the Sunshine State read more here.

12. London, England – Goldeneye et al

"For England, James?" "No, for me…." Fancy a cocktail (a Vesper Martinit of course) while you’re in town? We’ve got six swanky skyscraper restaurants in London for you to visit, suitable for any Bond fan or budding villain.

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