News €10,000 bounty for runaway cow boosts Bavarian farm holidays

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€10,000 bounty for runaway cow boosts Bavarian farm holidays

€10,000 bounty for runaway cow boosts Bavarian farm holidays

Yvonne, a cow who escaped her enclosure hours before being driven to the slaughterhouse, has created a media storm since going on the run in a Bavarian forest near the German village of Zangberg.


So far the elusive animal, who is said to believe she is a deer rather than a cow, has evaded searching helicopters, hunters and even stalkers using thermographic cameras.

The authorities have now enlisted the help of Swiss animal communication expert Franziska Matti who says she has managed to contact Yvonne using telepathy:

"I spoke to her and she said that she was fine but didn’t feel ready to come out of hiding," said Matti.

"She said she thought that humans would lock her up and she would no longer be free."

Now, German tabloid Bild has offered €10,000 for the safe capture of Yvonne, whilst the small Bavarian village Zangberg has welcomed the publicity that Yvonne’s antics are bringing to the area.

The story of Yvonne has also highlighted dairy and farm tourist opportunities such as farm holidays in Bavaria where visitors can spend time working on a farm and helping out with the animals. Or how about visiting Kalchkendlalm, Austria’s most unusual school located high on a mountain pasture?

With views of snow-capped mountain peaks, toy town houses in the valley, thick forests and craggy cliffs, join the ‘bread and butter’ class, learn how to recognise different grains, make flour and use a bread oven.

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