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10 ways to really escape the World Cup

Swap soccer for scuba diving: escape footie fever by considering one of these 10 holiday ideas.

If you’d rather pay a visit to the dentist than watch the World Cup, then it’s officially time to start planning your escape! From beach breaks to shopping sprees to safaris and sumo wrestling, there are plenty of ways to flee the football fever. Here are 10 holiday ideas to_ really _escape the world cup.

1) Safari Holiday in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Forget ‘three lions on a shirt’ and swap the roar of the stadium crowd, for the roar of the real-life king of the jungle. At Kruger National Park, football will be the last thing on your mind. Drive through the park and you’ll see monkeys, tigers, zebras, giraffes, warthogs, elephants and many more. There are even on-site camping facilities, so sleep beneath the stars and the World Cup will be a distant memory.

2) Go on a jungle trek in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you want to avoid television (and all forms of electricity) completely, then why not head to Chiang Mai and book yourself on a jungle trek? You’ll be swapping the sound of a referee’s whistle for the sound of squealing gibbons as you hike through the jungle, and cross paths with elephants.

A sure-fire way to avoid the latest football scores is to stay with a hill tribe who have never even heard of the word ‘football’. You may even find yourself amongst the ‘long neck Karen tribe’ who wear large brass rings to elongate their necks as a sign of tradition and beauty.

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3) Visit remote lands by heading to Easter Island

Famous for being the most remote island on the planet, Easter Island is 2182 miles away from mainland Chile and there’s not a chocolate bunny in sight! It’s known to locals as ‘Rapa Nui’ which translates as ‘belly button of the world’. The island only has one town and under 6000 inhabitants and there are 887 mysterious monolithic statues known as ‘Moai’.

4) Be a high roller in Las Vegas

If you go to Sin City, then the only ball rolling is going to be the one on the roulette wheel! From the casinos, to nightlife, to pool parties to nightly musical entertainment, you’ll never have a dull moment! Just remember…’what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’.

5) Watch Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo

Want to see some sport…but as long as it’s anything BUT football? Why not jump on a flight to Tokyo and watch some sumo wrestling? Visit a ‘sumo stable’ and you may even get a close-up view of the wrestlers during their energetic morning practise session. If sumo spectating doesn’t float your boat, Tokyo is a great city for food, shopping, mountain views, museums and of course all the wacky electronic innovations too.

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6) Shopping break in Dubai

Home to the largest mall in the world, ladies, prepare to fulfil all your shopping fantasies by taking a trip to Dubai. The Dubai Mall is the same size as 50 football pitches and has over 1200 shops. On top of that, there’s an indoor waterfall, an Olympic sized ice-rink, an aquarium and a theme park, so you’ll never be short of football-avoidance activities.

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7) Sunshine and theme parks in Orlando, Florida

Whether you’re two or ninety-two, this may just be the ideal escape option for you. Bask in the Orlando sunshine and relive your childhood by visiting one of the many theme parks. It’s not all about Mickey, Minnie and the Magic Kingdom; there’s also Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. If you find yourself in Epcot, head to the World Showcase, where you can walk to 11 countries in a matter of minutes. From sampling pasta in ‘Italy’ to beer in ‘Germany’ – you’ll be able to appreciate different countries of the world without any mention of a certain sporting competition.

8) Snorkelling and Scuba Diving in Fiji

Nothing shouts out ‘football-free zone’ like being on a gorgeous South Pacific Island. Fly into Nadi and get a boat to the Yasawa Islands for beach huts, palm trees, crystal clear water and great scuba diving and snorkelling spots.

9) Log cabin in Norway

Whether you want to be beside the fjords, high in the mountains, or in the woods – there are thousands of different options to hire a log cabin, hut or holiday cottage in Norway. Check out Svalbard for beautiful untouched arctic wilderness. Nothing says ‘getting away from it all’ like heading to remote territory with just a polar bear as your neighbour. It may play havoc with your body clock though – during the summer months there are 24 hours of daylight here.

10) Get a boat to Tristan da Cunha Island

Known for being the most isolated community in the world – Tristan da Cunha is a tiny island in the South Atlantic Ocean. There are only around 275 people living on the island and you must contact the Island’s council in advance for approval before you visit. There are no hotels (only home stays and guest houses), no airports, no nightclubs, and the sea isn’t safe for swimming. It’s the perfect place to ‘find yourself’ (let’s face it – you’re not going to find much else there). It takes five to ten days by boat from Cape Town to get there, but there are only around ten ships that make this trip a year, so if you oversleep on departure day, hard luck!

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