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The 12 best gadgets for every type of travel

Find out which travel products really will make your holiday easier and more fun, with our guide to the best travel gadgets on the market. - Best gadgets for business travel and frequent flyers - Handy travel accessories for beach holidays - Top in-car tech for road trips - Space-saving gadgets for backpackers

Best gadgets for business travel

1. Karabar Brigg Wheeled Laptop Case

There’s an abundance of efficient travel equipment for men and women at the moment, but this neat roller bag combines enough room for an overnight stay with dimensions small enough to fit most airlines hand luggage restrictions. Just pull it along from the board room to the boarding gate like your favourite wheelie suitcase, with added protective padded layers for your laptop. A good pick for anyone who has to travel a lot for work.

Karabar Brigg Wheeled Laptop Case

2. Tigernu Business Notebook Backpack

If you prefer to just shoulder your bag and go at the end of the day, this slim, lightweight laptop backpack fits the bill. Unlike a lot of travel accessories for women, it puts the emphasis on practicality and security, while still looking great with a two-piece. There’s an anti-theft lock, numerous travel-friendly pockets inside and out, and it’s hard not to love the built-in gromit that lets you pull through your mp3 earphones and listen on the go, whilst leaving the device securely in your bag.

Tigernu Business Notebook Backpack

3. Iceworks 2500 portable battery pack

This light, smart rechargeable battery comes with a Lightning/Micro USB cable for smartphones with an iPhone adaptor, and the slimline design will slip into anything from a handbag to a pocket. The cables are built into the body, meaning you won’t lose them or get them tangled. Makes carrying around 2500mAh’s worth of power a doddle.

Iceworks 2500 portable battery pack

Best travel gadgets for the beach

4. Hodgson Sports Polarised Sunglasses

Suitable for men or women, these blue lens polarised sunglasses are as resilient as they are snazzy. If you’re planning any kind of cycling, hiking or other outdoor activity on holiday, they will protect your peepers a treat, with an anti-glare coating and special ‘stress-resistant material’ that renders them virtually unbreakable. Also great for avoiding tired eyes when driving long distances, this is one travel accessory that you’ll get a lot of wear out of.

Hodgson Sports Polarised Sunglasses

5. i360 Waterproof Sport MP3 Music Player

Swim up to 3 metres depth to your favourite beats with this amazing piece of travel kit. It’s wireless, and all of the tech involved is contained within the headset, so you can jump straight in the pool and control tracks, volume and shuffle on the ear piece itself. Up to 4GB music is available and it includes different-sized ear buds to drown out any noise from the pool.

i360 Waterproof Sport MP3 Music Player

6. Supertrip Extra Large Portable Picnic Blanket Mat

This easily-transportable blanket is the perfect travel accessory for the seaside, with a waterproof backing that ensures sand just shakes off at the end of the day, instead of following you home in the car. Take it camping, for picnics and all kinds of days out – it’s big enough for a whole family to sit on and the fleece top layer makes it extra comfy.

Supertrip Portable Picnic Blanket

Best gadgets for car journeys

7. BESTEK 300W Power Inverter

If you’re travelling by car, skip the external battery packs and grab a charger that plugs straight into the car’s 12V electric system. The modest-sized Bestek charges equipment like laptops and slow-cookers using standard 3-pin plugs as well as smaller devices like your smartphone or mp3, via the two USB ports. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and charge as you drive!

Bestek Power Inverter

8. Lava Brightsounds Bluetooth Speaker with Lamp, £39.99

Every road trip should have a soundtrack and this handy portable speaker makes one of the most valuable gadgets for travel out there. It connects to any Bluetooth device and can stream tunes from the likes of Spotify, but comes with an auxillary port if you need to plug in directly. The carry-handle and built-in light make it easy to take the speaker from car to campsite; perfect for nights cooking by the fire.

Lava Brightsounds Bluetooth Speaker

9. Posture Cushion Lumbar Support

Long car journeys can be punishing on your back, so if you’re road-tripping, invest in a lumbar support travel pillow like this one. Strapping firmly to your car seat so it won’t annoy you by slipping around, it’s made of memory foam to mould to your lower back. Looking for the best portable pillow to take on holiday? We tested these travel pillows to see which came out on top…

Posture Cushion Lumbar Support

Best travel gadgets for backpacking

10. Vesgantti Digital Luggage Scale

Make sure all those coconut wind chimes you bought in Thailand don’t tip your bags over the luggage allowance, with this useful portable scale. Rather than a hook, it has an adjustable strap which fits all types of baggage handles, as well as a measuring tape to check your cabin bags are the correct dimensions.

Vesgantti Digital Luggage Scale

11. Scrubba Wash Bag

If you’ve ever hand-washed a load of clothes on the road, this time and space-efficient travel gadget will seem like a godsend. Labelled as a ‘pocket washing machine’, all you do is place your clothes in the bag, plus washing liquid and a tiny amount of water and scrub on the internal washboard for a few minutes before rinsing. Job done!

Scrubba Wash Bag

12. Joby GorillaPod

Though there have been advancements in the GorillaPod over recent years, and larger models are available for DSLRS and the like, the original GorillaPod by Joby is still a best-selling travel gadget for a reason. A flexible tripod that fits any kind of compact camera and latches onto to almost any surface, it gives your long-exposures that all-important sharpness and stability. Great for sunset photos and anyone serious about their holiday snaps.

Joby GorillaPod

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