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10 flights for £100 or less

Something for the weekend? 10 bargain flights for under £100 to the very best places to visit this weekend, or book for later.

Something for the weekend? 10 bargain flights for under £100 to the very best places to visit this weekend, or book for later.

1. Eat ice cream in Italy, £27

Summer is still but a distant daydream, but ice cream lovers can gorge on gorgeous gelati in the Italian resort of Rimini, where Italy’s 36,000 gelatistas meet this week for their annual expo, joined by 100,000 sundae-slurping visitors. Find flights to Rimini

2. Go skiing in Bulgaria, £72

With tonnes of snow across Europe right now, it’s time to go skiing. Bulgaria is booming as a budget alternative to the Alps – fly to either Plovdiv or Sofia for to get to the resort of Bansko, where a wide choice of accommodation will keep down the price of your trip. Find flights to Plovdiv

3. Go vintage shopping in Amsterdam, £37

Get inspired for your new season’s wardrobe at Amsterdam Fashion Week this week. If your look is more timeless than on-trend, Amsterdam boasts brilliant vintage shopping. Hunt down a bargain at the self-explanatory I Love Vintage. Find flights to Amsterdam

4. Stargaze on Scilly, £99

If you have been inspired by the BBC’s super-cool Stargazing Live, you’ll need to go somewhere free of light pollution to scan the skies for Saturn and spot a shower of shooting stars. Lying 28 miles off Land’s End, the Isles of Scilly are perfectly placed for planet perusal. Find flights to the Isles of Scilly

5. Trip the light fantastic in Iceland, £99

With the Aurora Borealis getting active in spectacular fashion, Iceland offers a great chance of witnessing the wonder of the Northern Lights. Reykjavik is on the edge of the Arctic Circle, and it’s only a three-hour flight from the UK. Find flights to Reykjavik

6. Practice white magic in Scotland, £41

Celebrating the small but perfectly pretty white flower that signals spring is on its way, the Scottish Snowdrop Festival starts on 4 February at over 50 venues across Scotland, including Cambo in Perthshire. Find flights to Edinburgh

7. Go gastronomic in Brussels, £37

Brussels is celebrating its gastronomic greatness with a year of food and drink events, culminating in the Brusselicious Festival which will run from 6-9 September 2012. Eat your way from chips to chocolate via mussels and beer all year – find flights to Brussels

8. Celebrate Chinese New Year in London, £28

Fire up your travel plans with a trip to London to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. London’s Chinatown hosts loads of events, from street theatre to club nights, while there’s no shortage of eateries serving some of the most authentic Chinese food this side of the Great Wall. Find flights to London

9. Sweat it out in Stockholm, £30

New Year, new you? If your resolutions lasted as long as a bottle of Buck’s Fizz at breakfast on Christmas Day, don’t despair. Ensure a happier, healthier you by booking yourself a break to sauna central – Stockholm – which has more spas than, well, a lot of places. Find flights to Stockholm

10. Book an egg-stra special holiday, from £24

The kids are alright, except when they get bored in the school holidays, so ensure a happy Easter by booking a getaway. How about some early season sun? Check Skyscanner for the cheapest flights to a huge range of family-friendly destinations.