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10 epic road trip adventures: in pictures

Get inspired for your next road trip with our pick of the world's most totally epic driving routes, from pretty Bavaria to icy Alaska.

Whether it be cruising down a US highway in a classic Chevrolet, or exploring the wilds of Africa in a 4WD, a road trip is one of life’s ultimate adventure. Is there really a better way to see the world than by hitting the road with only a map and playlist of amazing driving tunes? We bring you the very best road trips from around the world.

1. Seward Highway, USA

Wind your way along Alaska’s 127-mile road of dense alpine forests, fjords and glaciers from the United States most northern city of Anchorage to the small town of Seward, home to Alaska’s only ice-free port. The route is famous for viewing the Turnagain bore tide, a (sometimes) 10-foot wall of water that can be seen at stops along this route.


2. Highway 61, USA

This route’s got soul. Often thought of as a pilgrimage rather than a road trip, this highway sprawls along the 1400-mile area of the United States where the American Blues Movement came to fruition, from New Orleans to Louisiana. Drive through the land where B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed made music and stop off at the Clarksdale Crossroads where legend has it Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for mastering the blues.


3. Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Rent a classic American car and cruise between San Diego and Seattle, passing through three states and stopping off in the likes of San Francisco and California. This is the quintessential American road trip, with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop along the way.

pacific coast

4. Bollenstreek Route, Netherlands

Rainbow fields against big blue skies, the Netherlands’ Bollenstreek Route is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Dutch tulips bloom between April and May and transform the landscape into stretches of painstakingly-in-line rows of colour. The route is also dotted with cute villages that hold flower auctions – if you fancy a themed souvenir.


5.Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Locally known as ‘the land God made in anger’, Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is a hauntingly beautiful and barren stretch of dunes that are punctuated by the carcasses of whales and old shipwrecks from when the whaling industry thrived here. Rent a 4WD and drive into this windswept, hostile landscape.


6. Karakoram Highway, China and Pakistan

Part of the famous Silk Road plied by traders in years gone by, the Karakoram Highway that connects China to neighbouring Pakistan is the highest paved road in the world. Travel through a land of towering snow-covered mountains and gorges, where rural communities with rich and varied cultures thrive and by night witness the clearest starry skies you’ll have ever seen.

china to pakistan

7. Ruta 40, Argentina

3000 miles long, running parallel to the Andes and spanning the length of this incredibly long country, Ruta 40 is the best way to see the diversity of Argentina’s landscape. Along the way, expect to be wowed by rolling vineyards, expansive salt flats and the occasional ‘Warning – Llamas’ sign.

ruta 40

8. Atlantic Road, Norway

This trip is a zig-zagging stretch of roads and bridges that wind across Norway’s Fjords and twist perilously close to the sea. Along this 8km stretch you will see some truly spectacular Norwegian scenery and in calm weather this is the prime location for spotting whales and seals.


9. Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

Drive under the famously other-worldly baobab treed that line this dirt road in the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar. The trees can reach up to 30 metres high and reach a grand old age of over 800 years old.


10. Romantic Road, Germany

This route in southern Germany takes in some of Germany’s prettiest towns and castles that all look as though they’ve been plucked straight out of a Disney movie. Some attractions may seem rather kitsch and touristy – a result of when the route was first created after the Second World War to drive tourism back to Bavaria – but that doesn’t take away from the country’s beauty and charm.


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