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10 City Soul Mates; what’s your type?

10 City Soul Mates; what’s your type?

Romantic or rugged? Cool or crazy? Skyscanner reveals the personalites behind 10 of the world’s most attractive cities. Who’s your perfect match…?

1. Geek Chic – Tokyo, Japan

With its love for high-tech gadgetry, Japan has long been a top destination for global geeks, and Tokyo is the chicest geek around. Akihabara, Tokyo’s ‘Electric Town’ is the place to head if you want to immerse yourself in the very latest electronics; Harajuku is where the bizarrely dressed ‘cos play’ kids hang out, and go to Shibuya if you just want to experience the neon and crowds of this super-city. Strange yet shy, Tokyo is the coolest nerd in town. Find flights to Tokyo

2. The Outdoors Type – Vancouver, Canada

Surrounded by mountains and sea, with plenty of parks and beaches, Vancouver is the rough, rugged and ready type. Vancouverites love their great outdoors and can normally be found zipping down Grouse Mountain on bikes or skis, playing volleyball on Kitsilano beach or rollerblading around Stanley Park. Vancouver is all about the adrenaline and the activity; play hard or go home. Find flights to Vancouver

3. Stylish and Sophisticated – Milan, Italy

Fashion conscious Milan always dresses to impress, and represents the ‘new’ Italy’. In many ways it’s modern and business-like being one of the richest cities in Europe and Italy’s breadwinner. Yet is also boasts sophistication in the form of the Teatro Alla Scala, and is home to supermodels, fashion aficionados and some of the finest works of art in Europe. Find flights to Milan

4. Handsome and Refined – Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh’s sandstone architecture is very easy on the eye and the Scottish capital’s long history lends a refined edge to city’s cobbled streets. Galleries, monuments and museums abound and there’s a park on every corner. Add to this Arthur’s Seat, a wild piece of Highland landscape rising from the city centre, and you’ve got one good looking location. Find flights to Edinburgh

5. Pretty and Petite – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Like the rest of Slovenia, little-visited Ljubljana is small, perfectly formed and has curves in all the right places. Its castle watches over the blue-green Ljubljanica River where the locals sup cappuccinos or beers on the banks. Old town lanes weave through baroque buildings, and the sharp peaks of the Julian Alps are only an hour away. Modest and easy to love, Ljubljana is unaware of its own beauty. Find flights to Ljubljana

6. The Romantic – Paris, France

A cliché perhaps, but Paris really is the romantic type. A city of big gestures, Paris is filled with beautiful parks and gardens where lovers can be found canoodling. For romantic views, dine on the Seine at the Bateaux Parisians, or head to the Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower, before wandering hand in hand down the winding streets of the medieval Marais. Find flights to Paris

7. The Wild Child – Bangkok, Thailand

With ping pong balls flying out of all sorts of strange places, all-night techno clubs jumping till sun-up, and various other forbidden pleasures on offer, Bangkok is the wild child of the world. When you spend time in Bangkok, anything can happen, so hold tight, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride. Find flights to Bangkok

8. The Intellectual – Boston, USA

Boston is the capital of the state which is home to Harvard, and a regional centre of Ivy League institutions. Boasting a major Museum of Science and Natural History, as well as numerous theatrical productions, art exhibitions and the country’s first ever public library, Boston is a well-educated, sophisticated bookworm. Find flights to Boston

9. Cool and Cutting edge – Berlin, Germany

Europe’s capital of hip, Berlin is the cool kid on the bloc. Once divided, Berlin’s split city is now home to trendy urbanites who have been attracted by the energy of the east-west reunification. Cheap former factory apartments and loft art spaces give Berlin the edge of an artsy outlaw. Rebellious, non-conformist and alternative, Berlin does things its own way. Find flights to Berlin

10. Flash and Brash – Dubai, UAE

In a city that is bleeding money, Dubai is the flashy, ostentatious one of the bunch. Always showing off (I’ve got the tallest building in the world don’t you know?), Dubai drips with bling, gold and arrogance. ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’, is Dubai’s mantra, and when it comes to flashing its cash, Dubai ain’t shy. Find flights to Dubai