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10 best things that could happen to you on holiday

Hotel upgrades, good exchange rates and punctual flights; the 10 best things that could happen on holiday.

It’s finally time for your holiday and expectations are sky high. You’ve been counting down the days, your suitcase is by the door and you’re ready for the off. Here’s a guide to the 10 best things that could happen on your next trip. Fingers crossed…

1) There’s no queue at the bag drop desk

There were clear roads on the way to the airport, you’ve remembered everything and you arrive at the airport early – this must be too good to be true? Usually there’s a horrendous queue of people waiting to drop their bags off, but what’s this? No queues and you walk straight to the desk – amazing!

2) You get a great exchange rate

You’ve left it right until the last moment to get your foreign currency – schoolboy error? Or is it? You head to the exchange counter and miraculously, the exchange rate is even better than the rate you saw online – this day is certainly going well…

3) The plane isn’t full

There’s nothing worse than a cramped plane and a nightmare passenger sitting next you, but no need to worry, as this time, you walk on the plane and see that it’s half empty and there are two free seats next to you. Time to stretch out and pretend you are travelling first class.

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4)You win on the scratch card they sell on the plane

You’re on a low-cost carrier and usually you’re the first person to label the scratch cards as the ‘ultimate con’ but something has tempted you to buy one today. As you scratch the cards to reveal a cluster of matching symbols, you have to get the air stewardess to double-check your ticket, you’ve only gone and won £1000! Holiday spending money – sorted.

5) Your flight arrives early at the destination

Your flight left on time but it arrives 30 minutes earlier than expected, thanks to favourable wind conditions. You now have extra time to explore the city and get settled in.

6) All your luggage arrives intact and it’s the first off the luggage carousel

We’ve all been in the frustrating position of staring at the conveyor belt and wondering if our luggage has been lost…not today though. As soon as you walk up to the carousel, the light starts flashing and yours is the first suitcase to come out – could this day get any better?

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7) You get to the destination airport and the taxi driver actually knows the way

Getting a taxi in an unfamilar city is not always an easy ride. Often the driver doesn’t know the way, they’ve never heard of SatNav and they’ve never heard of the place you want to go. This isn’t an issue for you though – as soon as you say the name of your hotel, your driver already has his foot down and he’s on his way.

8) You get a hotel upgrade

The one potential problem of arriving early at a hotel is your room not being ready on time. Not an issue, the staff at the check-in desk seem to have taken a shine to you and announce that you are being upgraded…to a suite. Sea views, a walk-in wardrobe, a fully stocked mini-bar and a jacuzzi bath.

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9) You meet the love of your life on holiday

Single holidaymakers – this one’s for you. You take a short break to relax and recuperate and one evening, you turn round and the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen walks into the bar and makes a b-line for you. The pair of you immediately hit it off and a holiday romance blossoms.

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10) You car is parked in the car park nearest the terminal

You arrive back home after the best holiday ever and the only thing to think about is the drive home. You know where your keys and parking ticket are – then you remember, you managed to get a spot in the car park nearest the terminal. Perfect.

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