News 1 in 3 holidaygoers feel ‘guilty’

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1 in 3 holidaygoers feel ‘guilty’

1 in 3 holidaygoers feel 'guilty'

Nearly one third of British holidaygoers crave getting more involved in community activities, a new survey has revealed.

"Not being involved in the community" is a bugbear among 29 percent of British holidaygoers, research by tour operator i-to-I has shown.

Meanwhile, 31 percent do not believe they are eco-friendly enough, while one quarter wish they gave more to charity.

However, i-to-i’s Mat Lewis explained that offsetting any trip with the appropriate incentives could help to reduce this holiday guilt.

He explained that a guilt-free holiday can provide "unique experiences that provide an exciting overseas adventure whilst giving something back to a local community abroad – perfect for that feel-good glow inside and out".

"The range of trips available spans the globe and includes conservation, community development and teaching projects, which can last from one-week to a whole year," he added.

Recent research by Club Med indicated that eight in ten Brits believe that an overseas holiday is an important luxury, with 50 percent planning to take up to two holidays in 2009.

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