Flights, hotels and car hire

We've made booking travel even easier with our new flights, hotel and car hire 3-in-1 app. Now your hotel and car hire searches are automatically paired with flights so you don't have to enter the same information twice. Find the best prices and time to travel thanks to our new top deals feature and timeline view.




App Features

  • Looking for a spontaneous trip away?  Find the best prices for weekend getaways and summer holidays with our new top deals feature​
  • Find the best time to travel with our colour coded calendar so you can easily see when the cheapest date to travel is
  • Save time with hotel and car hire searches now synchronized automatically with your flights
  • Browse through hotels with our revamped listings so you can easily see pictures, prices and hotel information at a glance

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Excellent app

Brilliant app, easy to use and great for finding prices instantly. Use this all the time to book flights abroad.

Robin520, United Kingdom

Good old Skyscanner

Great for flights. Now also great for hotels.

Demski78, United Kingdom

Best app for flights!!

I always use Skyscanner when looking for my flights & I fly every month... Skyscanner is 5 star!

Si & Kai, United Kingdom