Travel through music with our Spotify playlists

It goes without saying that music is often our biggest means of escape. Our favourite tracks have the power to elevate us, comfort us, and transport us elsewhere entirely. One song can define a whole holiday… and then take you straight back to it, years afterwards.

So, we’ve created Spotify playlists that capture our favourite travel destinations. From the dance floors of Detroit, to the nightclubs of Nigeria, they’ll will hopefully help you explore the world, without even leaving your living room.

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Head to a festival
…Albeit in your garden, with the biggest headline acts from the last decade, live from music festivals around the world. 
Go deep into electronic worlds
We owe a lot to the sounds in this playlist – they’re great for focusing on work to, and take on a whole new life when you’re chilling out or walking on a bleak Winter’s day. If you’re feeling your way into ambient or experimental electronic music, start with these artists. 

Travelling folk 
Full of mostly North American inspired music, this playlist sounds just as good at home, as it does on a long road trip. 

Enjoy indie, indoors
From Mykonos to Kyoto, explore some of the best travel destinations around the world with our favourite indie tracks.
Home is where the House is
In the words of the legendary producer Larry Heard, “house music is a universal language, spoken and understood by all.” We couldn’t agree more. From Detroit to Auckland, these tracks bring parties together. 
Live the hi-life with African disco and funk
Nigerian music from the late-70s and 80s has seen a huge resurgence over the last few years – we put it down to the fact it’s some of the happiest, and liveliest music ever made. Never heard it? Dance outside of your comfort zone with this collection of mostly West African funk, disco and soul floor fillers. 

Country roads
This all-American country playlist is full of deep Southern drawls, belting ballads, and tender odes to country roads. 
K-pop wave
Hallyu (Korean pop culture) has taken the world by storm in recent years, with K-pop artists selling out arenas in every corner of the globe. In need of some refreshing pop music? You need the Korean kind.
Bollywood beats
These Indian tracks, spanning from the 1950s until present will sweep you straight to the streets of Bollywood. They burst with as much joy, drama and colour as the movies they soundtrack. 

Brazilian soul and bossa nova
We made a selection of popular Brazilian music to transport you from your balcony, to the balmy beaches of Rio – caipirinha in hand. Think jazz, samba, and a whole lot of soulful Portuguese vocals. 
French Electro 
It started it in the nineties, and we went crazy for it through the noughties. See how many of these French synth stars you’ve heard of.
Tokyo Listening
One for the audiophiles, this eclectic mix of Japanese funk, jazz and electronic gives you an idea of what you might hear in one of Tokyo or Osaka’s secret listening bars. 

Meet Mandopop:
Pop music sang in Mandarin, and China’s biggest musical export. This playful top 20 bursts with hope and optimism – a gift from our office in Singapore.
Techno Journey
European DJs and producers are masters of deep, transcendental dance music. Travel through Berlin’s cavernous clubs and Spain’s euphoric festivals, with these melodic house and techno tracks.
Take Off
To inject some positive energy into your lockdown, we’ve compiled a playlist of the most uplifting electronic music we could find. These 20 songs soundtrack our travel memories, inspire our travel daydreams, and will (hopefully!) make your spirits soar.
Above the Clouds
Close your eyes and float away to these blissfully chilled ambient tunes
Funk & Soul
Funky bass, soulful vocals, and some Motown for good measure. The funk and soul movement grew in the USA in the 60s, and still rocks festivals and dance floors today.
Press Play on Pride
Pride 2020 is not cancelled. We’re still here for it, and so is with the rest of the world.