Cheap Flights to Yemen

Yemen is the perfect destination for intrepid travellers. The people are welcoming, the sights are breathtaking, and if you want to go off the beaten track you couldn’t go much further. Few people visit, and even fewer know anything about it.

Although Yemen is a beautiful country steeped in intriguing history and mythology, it’s worth bearing in mind current travel warnings while planning your trip. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office currently advise against travel to Yemen due to recent civil wars and conflicts between tribes.

If that doesn’t put you off, you should still take some precautions. Hire a reputable guide to show you around safely. Yemen can be quite tricky for independent travellers, and hiring a guide will make it easier to get a tourist visa and generally get around the country. The British government also suggest taking out extra health and travel insurance before you go.

If you decide to go on the hunt for adventure in Yemen, you’ll be flying into one of the following airports.

Sana’a International Airport

Yemen’s largest airport sits just outside the capital city, Sana’a. According to legend it’s the oldest city on Earth, founded by Shem (the son of Noah- the one who built the ark). The majority of international flights fly into this airport, so make the city your first stop. It’s a really vibrant place packed with colourful markets (including one of the best souks on the Arab peninsula), winding medieval streets, and towering buildings designed in a style which is completely unique to Yemen.

Aden International Airport (ADE)

The second largest airport in Yemen serves the Red Sea port city of Aden. Legend has it that the city is as old as human civilisation, and locals believe that Cain and Abel are buried within the city limits. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in the past has both ruled a small empire of its own and been taken on as a British Protectorate. As a result you’ll find the culture here is an interesting mix of Arab and British.

Hodeida International Airport (HOD)

This is the nearest airport to the city of Al Hudaydah, which is on the Red Sea coast and is surrounded by some absolutely stunning beaches. The city is a big fishing port, with colourful boats bobbing in the harbour and a fish market that really has to be seen to be believed.

Riyan Mukalla Airport (RIY)

This airport serves the city of Al Mukalla, the capital city of Yemen’s historic Hadhramaut region. The city itself is a bustling port town, and one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It makes a great base for getting out and discovering the beautiful natural scenery of the Hadhramaut Valley and the pleasant towns and villages there.

Ta’izz International Airport (TAI)

One of the most dramatic cities in the country, Ta’izz sits 1.4km above sea level. The city is surrounded by winding mountain roads, while the massive Sabir Mountain towers above. The city is most famous for its ancient Jewish quarter, the Sharab. The region is also known for its coffee, and also its cheese.

Sayun Airport (GXF)

Sayun Airport is another great option for travellers who want to explore the exotic landscapes of the Hadhramaut region. The three towns of Shibam, Seiyun, and Tarim are the three most famous historical towns in the region. The high rise buildings of Shibam are well worth a look: they’ve led to the city gaining the nickname of “Manhattan of the Desert.”

Socotra Airport (SCT)

Although this isn’t one of Yemen’s international airports, Socotra Airport is worth mentioning as it’s the only airport on the island of Socotra. It’s linked to the mainland by frequent flights, some routes are flown nearly every day. The airport sits between the island’s main town Hadibu and the beautiful Qalansiyah beach. 

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