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Work Experience

Work experience at Skyscanner for school students

We offer Work experience programmes for GCSE/National 5 and A-Level/Higher or Advanced Higher students at fixed times during the year in our Edinburgh or London office.

What will I learn?

During the work experience programme, you will get a real insight into Skyscanner, our various functions and the people who make up our business and you'll learn about the importance of the work we do. You may also:

  • Learn more about careers across Skyscanner and the Technology industry
  • Meet and speak to a range of people from a variety of functions and businesses including our Graduates
  • Take part in simulated activities to discover how we help our Travellers and Partners
  • Discover more about Skyscanner through talks from industry experts and tours around the office
  • Develop your employability skills by taking part in presentations and activities

Please note, due to the nature of our business, it is not possible to carry out "real" work as part of our Work experience. Our programmes consist of simulated activities, projects and presentations to provide an overview and insight of what it’s like to work at Skyscanner.

Please note our work experience programme will not be running in 2022.