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Hotels in Richmond

With its trendy neighbourhoods, exciting restaurants, and long history, Richmond is a city well worth paying a visit to. And with Skyscanner, you can find the best hotels in Richmond: whether you’re visiting for business, sightseeing, or are just passing through on an all American road trip.

Richmond is one of the oldest cities in the USA, and has been the capital of Virginia since the 18th Century. During the American Revolution Patrick Henry made his famous speech here: “give me liberty, or give me death!” Richmond continued to play a huge role in American history, and became the capital of the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

Although most of the colonial buildings were destroyed in a fire, there are more than enough Civil War relics to keep history buffs entertained. The Civil War prison on Belle Isle is worth visiting, while architecture fans will appreciate the Confederate White House. The large Hollywood Cemetery, where thousands of confederate soldiers are buried, is a sobering place to visit.

Despite Richmond’s Confederate history, today the city is extremely multi cultural and cosmopolitan. In fact there’s a lot more to Richmond than Civil War history.

New art galleries, chic restaurants, and hip bars are constantly opening up: making the city a major player in the South’s cultural scene. You can spend the day browsing the retro boutiques in Careytown before an evening of bar hopping with the yuppie crowd in the Downtown district. Take a break from the hustle and bustle with an al fresco lunch in picturesque Maymont Park, and check out the edgy art galleries in the African-American neighbourhood of Jackson.

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