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Surrounded by misty mountains and infused with history, the city of Chiang Rai is small but perfectly formed. Recently it’s become more popular among western tourists, but still maintains an unspoilt atmosphere. If you’re looking for a party holiday, go to Bangkok. If you want to get away from the hordes, commune with nature and learn about local culture, choose Chiang Rai.

The biggest draw to Chiang Rai is the breathtaking natural scenery. Accommodation in Chiang Rai is popular with outdoor enthusiasts who want to trek the lush jungles, meet remote hill tribes, visit beautiful waterfalls, and bathe in natural hot springs. If you’re feeling brave you can hire a car and check out the sights on your own, but most hotels and hostels in the city will be able to help you find the best guided tours and day trips.

Hotels in Chiang Rai make the perfect base for exploring the Golden Triangle: where Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos meet. This area was once the centre of the opium trade, and there are a couple of museums which celebrate the fact.

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