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Dar es Salaam, formerly known as Mzizima, is Tanzania’s largest city, and has a lot to offer to intrepid travellers. One thing you can be certain of is a great place to stay, with a plentiful list of Hotels in Dar es Saalam. Find the ideal hotel in the busy city centre, or in the lush green districts surrounding it.

Dar es Saalam has a distinctive Middle Eastern flavour from its long standing trade connections and history as the main port on the Tanzanian coast. The Southern Sun hotel offers an affluent eastern feel and gorgeous rooms. If this is out of your budget though, fear not, as the city has as much variety in accommodation as in culture. The Friendly Gecko Guesthouse is a delightful low cost choice, with a local feel.

Any visitor to Dar es Salaam will be charmed by the lively music scene. Most clubs are not in the centre, which is quiet in the evenings, but spread throughout the suburbs - so pick your Hotel location carefully! Bongo Flava is the Tanzanian version of hip hop and R&B, with fast rhythm that makes your feet itch to dance. For some traditional tribal drum beats, look for smaller family run venues.

Car hire in Dar es Salaam can be great value, and can really open the region up for you to explore. Or ask your hotel, as many of the larger ones will organise trips for you.

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