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Hotels in Madinah

Madinah is Islam’s second most holy city, coming second only to Mecca in terms of religious importance. The Prophet Muhammad became the leader of Madinah after leaving Mecca, and from here Islam spread across the globe.

The tomb of the Prophet, along with other significant holy sites, is located in Central Madinah. Although it’s not officially part of the Hajj pilgrimage, many Muslims consider the city a must visit. Due to its religious significance, Madinah isn’t a tourist city in the traditional sense. In fact, non-Muslims are banned from entering the centre of the city on penalty of deportation. Muslims visiting Madinah on pilgrimage are well catered to, however.

There’s a great variety of hotels within Madinah ranging from modern global brands to traditional guesthouses. Accommodation in the centre of Madinah offers quick and easy access to some of Islam’s holiest sites. The Masjid Nabawi (the Prophet’s Mosque) is the most important site in the city centre. In recent years many luxury hotels have been built within walking distance of the holy building. Beside the Masjid Nabawi you’ll find Jannatul Baqi, the vast graveyard where the Prophet’s family and friends are buried.

Hotels in Madinah make the ideal base for seeing other holy sites, outside of the city limits. The plains and mountain of Uhud , where a famous battle was fought, is just a short drive from Madinah. Nearby you’ll also find the burial site of the 70 martyrs who died in battle (including the Prophet’s uncle Hamza). Other holy sites within striking distance are the Masjid Qiblatayan, where the Prophet was told by Allah to face Mecca during prayers, and Masjid Jumua where the first ever Friday prayers took place. In Quba you’ll find Islam’s first mosque, and in Masjid Gamama the site where the Prophet prayed for rain.

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