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Skopje might be small, but in terms of things to see and do it punches well above its weight. Over the past few years Skopje has really come into its own as a tourist destination, and is only set to become more popular. The bazaar is the largest in the Balkans, the nightlife is buzzing, and the restaurant scene is diverse. 

The capital of Macedonia, and the birthplace of Mother Teresa, Skopje offers plenty in the way of arts, culture, and interest. It’s one of the most beg museums. The city is one of the most beautiful places in Eastern Europe and definitely deserves a few days to explore properly. The architecture is sure to impress, with wonderful Ottoman and Byzantine buildings sitting side by side with modern neoclassical buildings, bridges, and statues.

There are plenty of hotels in Skopje to chosoe from, whether you’re visiting the city for business or for a sightseeing holiday. There’s something for every price range, from trendy apartments in the hip Debar Maalo neighbourhood to chilled out hostels in the city centre. If you want to splash out on a special trip you can find plenty of luxury hotels in Skopje too, from classic hotels decorated in a traditional style to modern boutique hotels showcasing local interior designers. Skopje is a small city, but there are lots of places to stay in and around the city centre.

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