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Modern, cosmopolitan, and buzzing with life, the Iranian capital of Tehran is a fantastic city to spend some time in. Whether you’re looking for hotels in Tehran for business or for leisure, with Skyscanner you can find the best places to stay throughout the city.

Tehran is widely considered to be Iran’s most liberal city, and it’s a good place to find your feet before heading deeper into the country. The people of Tehran are renowned for their hospitable nature, and are (for the most part) very friendly towards Western visitors. Most of the youngsters can speak English well, so you might end up making a few new friends.

Tehran is home to a huge number of universities and has a young and vibrant student population, who you can often see hanging out in the city’s most trendy cafes. Islamic law still applies, so mainstream nightlife and alcohol are both banned. If you’re lucky you might be invited to an underground party by one of your new local friends.

Although Tehran doesn’t offer the same breathtaking architecture as ancient Iranian cities like Isfahan, you only need to scratch the surface to find plenty of exciting things to see and do. There are art galleries galore, an abundance of restaurants, a colourful bazaar, and a UNESCO World Heritage palace.

The Former US Embassy is an interesting, if haunting, place to visit. It played a key role in the 1979 Islamic Revolution, when Iran transformed overnight from a pro-Western democracy to an anti-Western Islamic Republic. A number of diplomats and American citizens were held hostage in the embassy for 444 days, creating a huge crisis. Today the embassy is one of the Middle East’s most iconic sights: the walls are now painted with anti-American images and slogans.

If the hustle and bustle of the metropolis gets too much for you, there are plenty of opportunities for escape. This is thanks to the breathtaking Alborz Mountain range which towers above the city. As well as adding a dramatic element to the skyline, the mountains also offer a great destination for a daytrip. Locals often head up to Mount Tochal for hiking during the spring and autumn, and skiing during the winter. The trails offer unrivalled views of the city, making it a must visit during your trip.