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Reviewed by travellers for travellers like you, the three top-rated hotels in Rouen are Hotel The Originals Rouen Notre-Dame, Novotel Suites Rouen Normandie and Best Western Hotel Litteraire Gustave Flaubert.


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Linda B
Linda B

Founded in the 5th Century by the ancient Gauls. Rouen was expanded by the Romans in later eras and it became one of the richest & most powerful trade routes in Europe. Its original cobblestone streets are bordered with traditional Normandy architecture of half-timbered colored houses dating from the time of William the Conquerer-Duke of Normandy - 11th Century. Rouen Cathedral is a spectacular, newly restored monument and historical treasure. Saint Joan of Arc Square is Rouen Center marking the exact site of the burnings of the Young Martyr Saint Joan in 1431. Eat in the same gourmet Restaurant where Famous Chef Julia Child savored her very first French meal - La Couronne. With welcoming english-speaking owner/managers, this magical gastronomic setting today occupies a 600 yr. old timbered house directly facing the site of St. Joan of Arc Memorial.

Daniel Mason-D'Croz
Daniel Mason-D'CrozBrisbane

Rouen is the capital of Normandy, and was a center of conflict between French Kings and their Anglo-Norman cousins between the 11th and 15th centuries. It is here where Joan of Arc was tried and executed during these struggles. Rouen has a very lovely Gothic Cathedral, and many other beautiful smaller churches.

Liz F
Liz FCambridge

Rouen is this little town that is really just a very spread out shrine to Jeanne d’Arc. Who was burned there. So I’m sure she’s psyched about how everything turned out for the site of her death. There were candies that were called “Larmes de Jeanne” which means “Jeanne’s Tears.” We did not eat them because martyr’s tears did not make us think “I want candy.”

Nicole Nicolas
Nicole NicolasChicago

Rouen, France is a medium sized medieval city with cobblestone streets and half timbered houses. One place to enjoy a traditional French crepe meal is at the Creperie of St. Romain. Another great place to go to is the St. Marc Place market on Sundays. Smells of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, cheese, sausage, and flowers drift through the air daily. After shopping for food, stop at a local bar in downtown Rouen called Le Son du Cor, 221, Rue Eau de Robec 76000 Rouen, to eat and enjoy a couple drinks. The bar has a relaxing atmosphere with outdoor seating and spacious booths and tables inside.


The least expensive month is November, with an average of £57 per night. The most expensive month to stay in Rouen is June, with an average price of £128 per night.
The average price of a hotel in January last year was £70 per night. This is the same as the average nightly price seen over the previous 12 months.
In Rouen, the expected average temperature in January is 5.7°C/42.3°F. The warmest month is typically August, which averages 21.2°C/70.2°F. The coolest month is January, with temperatures averaging 3.3°C/37.9°F.
The nearest airport to Rouen is Deauville St. Gatien (DOL) (42.44 miles). Other nearby airports include: Paris Beauvais (45.49 miles)

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