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In Lourdes you’ll find a heady mix of religious symbolism and French charm. Chic boutiques and pavement cafes sit side by side with churches, museums, and shops selling Catholic bric-a-brac. Just a short drive from the beautiful French Pyrenees, it’s easy to see why Lourdes remains a popular destination for pilgrims and tourists.

Lourdes has been a major pilgrimage site since 1858, and parts of the modern city now resemble a Catholic version of Disneyland. Souvenir shops line the streets, selling holy memorabilia and empty bottles for gathering the city’s famous healing water at the grotto: where St Bernadette was visited by the Virgin Mary.

The grotto itself is now an impressive church, the Sanctuaires Notre Dame de Lourdes. One of Christendom’s holiest sites, even non-Catholics will be impressed by the towering church which stands above the park and is lined by statues of important saints. Pilgrims will be kept busy with lots of religious activities, including a nightly candlelit procession. Sunday mass is held in 22 locations, in every language, so there’s no shortage of places to worship.

When you start your search for hotels in Lourdes, it’s worth thinking about which side of town you’d like to be on. Lourdes is split into two halves: the spiritual side, which is concentrated around the sanctuary, and the French side, which surrounds the Hotel de Ville.

In the French part of town you’ll find the usual boulangeries, bistros, and a market selling fresh produce. The spiritual side has more museums, Catholic souvenir shops, and churches. Of course this divide isn’t strict: the evening procession meanders through the main square. Wherever you stay you’ll find the other side of town easy to reach on foot. The centre is small and pedestrianised.

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