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While beach lovers flock to Egypt’s Red Sea resorts, history buffs are more likely to base themselves right in the heart of the action: Luxor. Sitting roughly where the ancient capital of Thebes once stood, Luxor is best known as the city closest to the pyramids. It’s a vibrant city in its own right, of course, with plenty to keep travellers occupied during their trip.

Luxor is split into two by the Nile River. The rural West Bank is home to Egypt’s most iconic ruins, while the East Bank is home to the bustling and modern city centre. The majority of hotels in Luxor can be found on the East Bank, but there are a few independent hotels springing up on the West Bank too.

It doesn’t matter which side of the river you stay on during your trip. Ferries make it easy to cross the Nile, so no matter where your hotel in Luxor is you can get to where you want to be quite easily.

The West Bank is the most convenient base if you’re planning on doing a lot of sightseeing. You can simply roll out of bed and be on your way to the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, and other areas of archaeological interest. Of course, the sights are all spread out and Luxor is a very hot place. It’s best to hire a car or enlist the help of a taxi for the day. Remember to wear comfy shoes and bring plenty of bottled water.

That’s not to say the East Bank lacks historical significance: far from it. The area has been populated for thousands of years, and its two ancient temples (Karnak and Luxor) are major attractions in their own right. The Luxor Museum is a must visit, with a collection of high quality artefacts from the region. Also worth a look are the Museum of Mummification, quite self explanatory, and the Karnak Open Air Museum, which features reconstructed features from the temple itself.

Most of the bus tours from other parts of Egypt unload on the East Bank of Luxor, which is probably why it has such great tourist infrastructure. As well as a huge selection of budget and luxury hotels, the East Bank also has a great variety of restaurants. You can find everything in Luxor, from cafes serving up local fare to American fast food chains. Many hotels on the river front have terraces, perfect for watching the sunset with a drink in hand.