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Roman ruins, magnificent churches, and a lively bar scene combine to make Zadar a real crowd pleaser of a city. With beautiful countryside and beaches just a stone’s throw from the city centre, it’s a great spot for a Croatian city break.

Zadar is a relative newcomer to the tourist radar and more hotels are popping up in the city to accommodate a rising demand. Don’t let its growing popularity put you off: Zadar has held onto its undiscovered vibe. While the southern beaches teem with tourists during the summer, the beaches near Zadar are relatively quiet. It’s a mystery as to why: the clear waters, white sands, and beautiful pine forest backdrop mean that they rank among the best beaches in Europe.

It’s not all about sun, sea, and sand in Zadar. Inland you’ll discover an amazing network of national parks, sandwiched between the coast and dramatic Velebit mountain range. Adventure lovers will find that hotels in Zadar are great for an outdoor holiday. Whether you enjoy hiking, rock climbing, or mountain biking, you’ll not be disappointed.

The city itself has plenty to offer tourists too. History buffs will find plenty to keep them amused thanks to the numerous Roman and Habsburg buildings, while culture vultures will appreciate a visit to Zadar’s permanent art installations: the Sun Salutation and the Sea Organ. They harness the power of nature to create a truly unique spectacle, and as Lonely Planet says “they need to be seen and heard to be believed.”

Wherever you stay in Zadar, it’s unlikely that you’ll be far from the action. The city centre itself is small enough to navigate on foot. If you’re staying on the outskirts, or don’t feel like walking, there’s an excellent bus service throughout the city. Party animals might be disappointed to find that it finishes just before midnight, but with plenty of taxis it really is no problem.

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