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Hotels in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is famous for its high profile annual events, and has a Guinness World Record for hosting the world’s largest gay pride parade. Like most cities in Brazil, football is a very important past time and Sao Paulo is home to several teams and large stadiums.

Brazil’s largest city may be overwhelming at first, but there are plenty of beautiful places to see and interesting things to do. The best advice would be to explore the city one district at a time, as each area has its own attractions.


The Downtown district of Sao Paulo is home to the city’s most beautiful architecture, with baroque and neoclassical buildings that wouldn’t look out of place in Paris. There’s a good variety of hotels in Centro, from high end hotels to budget accommodation. The Bela Vista neighbourhood is where you’ll find Italian culture, theatre venues, and a lively nightlife. Try Korean Cuisine in Bom Retiro, relax with the locals in the verdant Praca da Se park, and pick up some rare books in the Largo Sao Francisco.

The West

The West End of Sao Paulo is the most modern area, and one of the most diverse places you can stay. The Barra Funda is fast becoming the best nightspot in the city, and the upcoming neighbourhood of Itaim Bibi is home to boutique hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and bars. Rub shoulders with Sao Paulo’s artists and academics in the coffee shops of Pinheiros. One of the best places to stay in the West is Jardim Paulista, where Sao Paulo’s more elegant shops and restaurants are, as the area has good public transport connections.

South Central

Shopping malls, museums, and parks characterise this rich area of the city. If you find the hustle and bustle of Sao Paulo is overwhelming, head to Parque do Ibirapuera: one of Latin America’s largest parks. It’s a good place to take in some live music, watch the sunset over the lake, and generally chill out. The district is also home to quality arts and culture museums, and it’s where Sao Paulo Fashion Week is held each summer and winter.

North East

The North East area of the city is a good place to base yourself if you’re planning on visiting one of Sao Paulo’s famous annual events. The Sao Paulo Carnival takes place in this district, as does the March para Jesus:  one of the world’s largest evangelical events. The North East is home to a number of Japanese restaurants, with Vanity Fair claiming that the Japanese food found in Sao Paulo could rival that of New York.