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Where to Stay in Weipa

Weipa is a coastal town that features a wide variety of activities and entertainment options for the whole family. With rapidly changing seasons, the weather is a beautiful element that contributes to a stay in Weipa. Some of the best attractions to visit are in St. Joseph, Comalco and Lorim, which are all located near last-minute hotels in Weipa. Booking one of the hotels near the airport lets you quickly drop in for a visit and explore the region.


Nanum is a shopping district with a large foreign influence. You can find open markets and indoor museums inside the many complexes. If you want to reside amongst all the action, Nanum is a central hub that will provide an energetic atmosphere.

1. Carbouret Inn

In terms of cheap hotels in Weipa, one popular small-scale hotel is Carbouret Inn, which houses up to 20 guests at a time. The staff has years of experience to make your stay pleasant.

2. Jasoon Hotel

A larger chain hotel is Jasoon Hotel. It is equipped with a gym, a swimming pool and conferences rooms to make your stay as pleasant as possible. It has connections with other last-minute hotels in Weipa for day trips.

3. Murdow Hotel

Murdow Hotel is an exquisite boutique hotel in Weipa. You can find a concierge service and a wide range of amenities.

Evans Landing

Evans Landing is a more isolated yet bustling area on the east end of Weipa. Evans Landing is well-known for a beautiful coastline and beaches that radiate in the natural sunlight.

1. Driery Hotel

Driery Hotel is a casual hotel that is still impressive. Driery Hotel can lodge large numbers of guests at a time because of three separate buildings that form a triangle setting.

2. Carly Residence

Carly Residence is a midrange hotel for short stays in Weipa. It allows easy access to Wi-Fi and computers for online connections during your trip.

3. Allorim Hotel

One boutique hotel in Weipa is Allorim Hotel. With a huge range of upscale accommodations, it is perfect for a professional.

Weipa Airport Hotels

Staying near the airport is a wise move. Because the airport is a central location, it is a great place to start and end your trip. Weipa Airport (WEI) takes care of all incoming and departing flights in the region. By browsing the available hotels near the airport, you can find a budget-friendly place to stay.

Weipa Airport Hotels

1. Oswald Hotel

Oswald Hotel offers comfortable lodging near Weipa Airport. With furnished rooms and employees on call at all hours of the day, this hotel with a mixture of quality and recreation is most welcoming when you step off the plane.

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