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Where to Stay in Birdsville

Birdsville is a small town in Australia that is known for majestic sunsets and various forms of wildlife. Major regions include Eyre, Adelaide Street, and Glengyle. For last-minute hotels in Birdsville, hotels near the airport are the default option. Birdsville is a great place to stop on your way to Mount Isa or the coast of Australia.

Adelaide Street

Adelaide Street is located in the heart of the spread of Birdsville. Along the street, there are vendors and entertainers at all points of the day. If you are unsure of places to explore in Birdsville, you can rely on Adelaide Street to provide a great start to a unique perspective on the culture.

1. The Birdsville Hotel

One of many cheap hotels in Birdsville, the Birdsville Hotel is a popular choice that provides a complimentary breakfast and quick room service that the management maintains diligently.

2. Royal Hotel

Royal Hotel is a midrange hotel that is suitable for both casual and seasoned visitors. There is a swimming pool, a garden, and a lounge in the back of the 10-acre compound.

3. Birdsville Residence

Birdsville Residence is a boutique hotel in Birdsville that is situated in a prime location. It is both a convenient and deluxe place to stay. There is no shortage of staff or comfortable suites.


Glengyle refers to the southernmost part of Birdsville. Adjacent to a natural park, Glengyle is a perfect district for travellers who want to rise early in the morning and start their days with a nature walk.

1. Birdsville Hotel

This private building is one of the more popular choices among cheap hotels in Birdsville. You can check in or check out at any time of the day, which makes it incredibly easy to plan flexible schedules.

2. Concordia

Concordia is a midrange hotel that frequently has discounts and special offers depending on the season. If you need to make reservations for large parties, it won’t be a hassle with its department of guest services.

3. Dorie Hotel

Dorie Hotel is a boutique hotel in Birdsville that has recently been renovated to accommodate an increasing number of visitors. You can reserve a fancy suite or regular room based on the time and duration of your trip.

Birdsville Airport Hotels

If you want to get a head start on your travels, consider staying in a hotel near the airport. It makes commutes and transportation exponentially easier. Although Birdsville Airport (BVI) is not an officially recognised airport, it services all incoming and outgoing flights in the area.

1. Moonrise Hotel

Moonrise Hotel is the closest hotel to the airport. It has connections with local car dealerships to make the process of renting a vehicle exceptionally simple. “Getting in and getting out” is the motto of this trustworthy establishment.

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In Birdsville, the expected average temperature in June is 15.2°C/59.3°F. The warmest month is typically January, which averages 38.1°C/100.6°F. The coolest month is July, with temperatures averaging 8.3°C/46.9°F.
The nearest airport to Birdsville is Birdsville (BVI) (0.56 miles).

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