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The best hotels in Oranjestad

Reviewed by travellers for travellers like you, the three top-rated hotels in Oranjestad are Renaissance Aruba Resort Casino, Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort and Blue Residences.


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@Ty_reigns  @ABlackGirlGone
@Ty_reigns @ABlackGirlGone

Aruba was amazing. One of the best things to do is the ABC tour they have a full day and a half day. I was so exhausted after the half day it was completely worth it and anyone who goes must to do the ABC tour or you will regret it! I also stayed at a beautiful Airbnb which I plan to book again! The vibe on the island is extremely relaxed they call it one happy Island. Virtually crime-free, with a small exception which they will tell you about, everyone was so friendly and helpful and they speak multiple languages so it's pretty inclusive. I promise if you go to Aruba you won't regret it! Stop saying you're going to do it and just book it already!

Mike Howard
Mike HowardSeattle

I’m just off the intersection of Fokkerstraat and Guterberg Straat, or Beligie and Arendstraat, or even Wilhelmina and Nieuw Straat. I’m drinking a kopstoot—near-frozen jenever gin with a beer chaser (if I was a real traditionalist, I’d have poured a shot of gin into a fluted glass and topped it off with beer). It’s 88 degrees F, and I have a picnic hamper full of stuffed cheese, bitterballen and little meat pies. I am en route to the white sands of Eagle Beach, trying to decide between diving one of two shallow-water WWII-era wrecks. Where am I?

Kathryn Slivka
Kathryn SlivkaEvans

A number of outdoor adventures that are good for couples or family. Nice golf courses. Very friendly locals. The best entrance and exit airport experience ever for American citizens. We went in February and the weather was super. We stayed at Divi Golf Resort and they were very accommodating. They even drop you off within a block or two from grocery stores and pick you back up later. Small island and easy to get around. Set prices for taxis.

@WayneAtherholtSt. Petersburg

Great town with incredible beaches and nice restaurants and bars. Really could spend some time here!


The least expensive month is November, with an average of £62 per night. The most expensive month to stay in Oranjestad is September, with an average price of £107 per night.
The average price of a hotel in October last year was £62 per night. This is 39% less than the average nightly price of £87 seen over the previous 12 months.
In Oranjestad, the expected average temperature in October is 29.4°C/84.9°F. The warmest month is typically September, which averages 33.1°C/91.6°F. The coolest month is January, with temperatures averaging 24.5°C/76.1°F.
The nearest airport to Oranjestad is Oranjestad (AUA) (1.76 miles).

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