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Dreaming of a trip to United States? Pendleton has everything you need for a great holiday. You could visit Casino at Wildhorse Resort, or how about spending an afternoon at Pendleton Round-up Rodeo? Better still, it doesn't need to cost you the world. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel …

Reviews of Pendleton

Rebekah Tincher
Rebekah TincherApache Junction

There are lots of local businesses down and around town. There is a rich history not only in Pendleton w/ the Roundup Grounds that everyone talks about but the Indian Reservation & museum & cultural center out past the casino and the small towns surrounding Pendleton. To me the reservation is very spiritual. Maybe to others going down what is known as cabbage hill or dead mans pass is spiritual heading from the east towards Pendleton. Or maybe you would rather attend one of Pendleton's many beautiful churches. You might need to after all the fun you're going to have trying to figure out which watering hole you like the best

Yan Yan
Yan YanWalla Walla

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