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Dreaming of a trip to Ukraine? Chernivtsi has everything you need for a great holiday. You could visit Chernivtsi National University, or how about spending an afternoon at Chernivtsi City Hall? Better still, it doesn't need to cost you the world. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to …

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Stephen Bugno
Stephen BugnoAnchorage

Chernivsti is a handsome, well-kept city in the southwestern Ukraine, near the border of Romania. If you've come from the rest of Ukraine, Chernivsti will strike you as an outwardly elegant and wealthy city compared to the depressed situation in many other Ukrainian cities. Much of its wealth comes from its position as the third biggest city after Vienna and Prague in the Austrian empire. A great deal of its architectural beauty is owed to the Austrians as well. Chernivsti has always looked west and was the first city to tear down its Lenin statue after the fall of the USSR. The city is home to many nationalities as well, including Russians, Jews, Poles, and Romanians. There isn't too much to do in Chernivsti as far as sightseeing is concerned. Besides a few museums and theaters, the architecture of the University is the significant highlight. Mostly, it's just a chance to enjoy a city in the Ukraine not over-run with dull Soviet-era architecture. Chernivtsi is Ukraine's main gateway to and from Romania with at least one train and bus connection daily.

Майя Яковенко
Майя ЯковенкоLviv

Comfortable, beautiful city, nice and friendly people, a lot of different cafes and restaurants with delicious cuisine, aromatic coffee and pastries of the original local

Anatol S
Anatol S

Andrei Alexandriuc
Andrei Alexandriuc

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