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Dreaming of a trip to Timor-Leste? Dili has everything you need for a great holiday. You could visit Cristo Rei, or how about spending an afternoon at Timorese Resistance Archive & Museum (Arquivo & Museu da Resistência Timorense)? Better still, it doesn't need to cost you the world. We compare …

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Things to see and do in Dili

Chan Lopez | Trip by SkyscannerCristo Rei
Cristo Rei
ellen forsyth | FlickrTimorese Resistance Archive & Museum (Arquivo & Museu da Resistência Timorense)
Timorese Resistance Archive & Museum (Arquivo & Museu da Resistência Timorense)
Jnzl's Photos | FlickrEnough! Exhibition (Chega! Exhibition)
Enough! Exhibition (Chega! Exhibition)
BotheredByBees | FlickrTatamailau
Richard Collett | Trip by SkyscannerOne Dollar Beach
One Dollar Beach
Richard Collett | Trip by SkyscannerPrisao Do Ai Pelo
Prisao Do Ai Pelo
Richard Collett | Trip by SkyscannerLiquica
shankar s. | FlickrTais Market
Tais Market
Richard Collett | Trip by SkyscannerMaubara

Reviews of Dili

Child of Bohemia
Child of BohemiaCape Town

I didn't enjoy my time in Dili. Prices can easily compare with NY but the service you get back doesn't match with the amount you spend. Dili was the first place where I didn't feet safe to walk alone on street. Not even during day. I was there 5 days and we saw 3 street fights (not small) and we heard about 2 killed people. Nobody smiles and nobody speaks English-barely Portuguese. It's not friendly city for tourists unless you wanna spend money to rent a car (125-150$/day), lock yourself inside, and don't care about nothing around you but nature. Then I believe you will enjoy as the nature looked beautiful.


First time to East Timor. Soaking the picturesque sunset moment along the beachfront just outside Beach Hotel. Some kids are seen kicking soccer.


Lived here 2007-2008 and it was a fabulous, life-changing experience. I have yet to find a place with such a tangible feel of potential and opportunity (Havana was close).

Nomadic by Nature
Nomadic by NatureNairobi

This city has grit and I like it, but once the sun sets the streets go silent, and doors are double locked. There are a couple bars open later, but only people who own there own cars (or know someone who does) are frequenting them. Every other car seems like a United Nations vehcile, and the UNPOL check points are still up. Many buildings remain in ruins, and the last IDP camps were just broken down in 2010. SOme tasty local food,a nd some old historical buildings to check out. GO DIVING!