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Head south in Peru and the city of Tacna will be your last stop. Located just across the Chilean border, the sprawling city features ornamental buildings and monuments. The commercial town offers numerous handcrafts and mercantile goods.

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Yogic Traveler ❀
Yogic Traveler ❀Puerto Vallarta

The gateway to Peru in the South, if you are heading north from Chile you will most likely pass through here.

Henry Curo
Henry CuroLima, Peru

I was born here :)

Angélica Poblete
Angélica Poblete

Me encanto fue una súper experiencia, la gente muy amable, la comida rica y muy barato el hospedaje

Guido Fernandez de Cordova
Guido Fernandez de Cordova

Cafe Da Vinci uno de los mas reconocidos restaurantes de Tacna, ensaladas. piqueos, sopas, carnes, pescados, pollos, pastas, pizzas, sandwich, cafes y capuccinos...todo muy bueno

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